Jennifer Aniston Did NOT “Attack” Justin Theroux, Despite Report

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Jennifer Aniston Attacked Justin Theroux

By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Aniston Attacked Justin Theroux

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Jennifer Aniston did not “attack” Justin Theroux, despite an alarmingly wrong report from the tabloids. There was no “vicious ‘fight to end all fights'” that is now pushing them “toward [a] $225 million divorce.” Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this untrue story.

According to scandal-mongers at the National Enquirer, a “beserk” Aniston “attacked” her husband “as their two-year marriage exploded in an ugly swirl of jealousy, lies and cheating.” The couple allegedly “erupted in a face-to-face showdown” and had a “vicious bust-up” at their home earlier this month. “Things spiraled out of control, and Jen flipped out,” a so-called “source” is quoted as saying.

“She came at Justin really hard. It was a tongue-lashing of epic proportions,” claims the gossip magazine’s supposed snitch, who asserts, “It was best for both of them that Justin remove himself from the situation before it got physical.” Yet the outlet still used “attacks” in its headline to initially deceive readers into thinking there was a violent altercation.

The publication goes on to allege that Theroux stayed at The Beverly Hills Hotel to “avoid” being at home with Aniston. Another purported “source” maintains, “Justin’s told people that Jen went too far, and he’s not going back.” A different alleged “source” also asserts, “They’ve been skipping out on their holiday traditions, and their annual tree-trimming party was mysteriously canceled this year. Jen’s inner circle is assuming that’s because they’ve been having marriage problems.”

And a supposed “pal” similarly contends, “The word is they called off their annual tree-trimming party because they can’t show the united front they have in the past.” The publication further insists that after “waging a cold war with each other,” the couple’s marriage is “now beyond repair.” But the only thing that actually needs fixing is this factually wrong article.

While it’s alleged Theroux “told people” that “he’s not going back” to his wife after a supposed “frenzied feud,” he and Aniston are currently in Mexico on a New Year’s vacation, which is one of their holiday traditions. On its website, the supermarket tabloid is now trying to spin the trip as “conspicuous timing” because “the couple is splitting.” In actuality, there’s nothing strange about the timing because the pair almost always go away at year’s end. And they are not splitting.

A rep for Aniston further tells Gossip Cop that the magazine’s report is “complete bull,” and points out, “They indeed had their annual tree-trimming party this year, so again they are wrong.” The outlet, of course, has been wrong about the actress a lot over the years, including with a fabricated miscarriage and adoption story just over a year ago. Frankly, Gossip Cop wouldn’t blame Aniston if she wanted to “attack” the National Enquirer for all of its lies about her.


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