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Jennifer Aniston has not revealed "why she'll never be a mom," despite a made-up tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can expose the shameful truth: The article was manufactured with the help of fake sources and old comments the actress has made over the years about motherhood.

Life & Style has deceptively packaged its new issue to give consumers the impression that Aniston has suddenly spoken out about not having children. "Jen's Story: Why She'll Never Be A Mom," declares the cover, which further asserts, "After years of heartache, she opens up about her struggle." The gossip magazine continues to mislead readers inside the edition by again touting "Jen's story."

Aniston, however, has not shared her "story" with the disreputable publication. Rather, the article is mostly built around unnamed "friends" revealing how "she's learned true happiness doesn't require offspring." Of course, any real friend of Aniston wouldn't be talking to the tabloids. Yet, that's where the cover line, "why she'll never be a mom," comes from. One so-called "friend" is quoted as saying to the tabloid, "Pals think she's made a decision to never have a baby."

An unnamed "friend" saying what "pals think" Aniston has decided is far different than the "Friends" stars actually sharing her "story." And what about the aforementioned assertion that Aniston is "open[ing] up about her struggle"? Well, in yet another deceptive practice, the tabloid has cobbled together random quotes the star has given in the past as if they were new comments Aniston just shared with the magazine.

In the very first paragraph, for instance, Life & Style writes, "'I feel better in my 40s,' says the actress." But that line, "I feel better in my 40s," is from an interview Aniston gave to Harper's Bazaar more than a year ago. Other quotes, all written in the present tense as if Aniston just said them to the tabloid, are actually from well-documented chats with respected publications, like Variety and The Hollywood Reporter, and TV programs, such as the "Today" show.

In fact, when the gossip magazine writes, "'I've birthed a lot of things,' insists Jen," it fails to mention Aniston said that to Carson Daly during a "Today" interview nearly three years ago. The outlet also has the nerve to steal years-old quotes from Aniston about her now-deceased mother and her work with St. Jude's, all printed without attribution for the original source and without context showing when the statement was actually said.

The dubious outlet even pulls the same stunt with Justin Theroux, pulling a quote from an interview the actor most definitely did not do with Life & Style. What's all the more galling is the cover story makes reference to "countless reports of her pregnancies," as if it's not responsible for many of those false stories, and asserts Aniston and Theroux have discussed "surrogacy and adoption," even though Gossip Cop busted the tabloid in the past for such erroneous claims. More than two years ago, for example, we debunked a cover story falsely contending Aniston announced she's having a baby via surrogate. Of course, she did no such thing.

At this point, let's just recap: Life & Style says Aniston is currently "open[ing] up about her "struggle." She hasn't. The magazine claims it's in possession of the actress' "story." It's not. Unnamed "friends" speculate about Aniston deciding not to have kids. Legitimate pals wouldn't discuss such matters. So, to what does this cover story all add up? Two words: Fake News.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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