Jennifer Aniston NOT Starring In Musical, Despite Report

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Jennifer Aniston Musical

By Michael Lewittes |

Jennifer Aniston Musical

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The National Enquirer is out of tune again with its reporting about Jennifer Aniston. The publication alleges that actress is going to star in her “own musical.” Gossip Cop fact-checked the claim, and we’re told it’s “not true.”

In its latest issue, the supermarket tabloid claims Aniston has given herself a “one-year deadline to score a starring role in a musical.” A so-called “informant” tells the magazine, “Jen is finally getting serious about making a musical as her next film after years of questions like, ‘Can she really sing?’ from fans and the press.” That’s interesting because Gossip Cop has been covering Aniston for nearly 25 years and interviewed her dozens of times, and the topic of singing in a musical has came up zero times.

Still, the tabloid continues to quote its ill-informed or possibly made-up insider as saying Aniston “totally can” sing and her vocal prowess is “better than half the young pop starlets on the radio these days.” But she won’t do an ensemble musical, warns the same highly suspect source. “Jen wants to be the standout star when she does finally have ‘her moment.'”

So, will Aniston nail down a role in a musical in the next 52 weeks? Actually, Gossip Cop is told that she’s going to do a musical in about three weeks from… never. A source close to the actress tells us the report is off-key, and a rep for Aniston also assures Gossip Cop the claim is “not true.”

To say the Enquirer’s track record when it comes to Aniston is bad would actually be an understatement. The tabloid has published numerous stories about her that not only Gossip Cop but also time itself has proven to be wrong. Notably, the gossip magazine ran a story last year ago that disgustingly alleged Aniston suffered a miscarriage before adopting a baby from a Mexican orphanage. Of course, she hasn’t adopted a baby, and the rest is just a horrific lie. And while the current article is less vile, it’s equally untrue and further illustrates how the tabloid often doesn’t bother fact-checking its reports.

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