Jennifer Aniston’s Movie Career NOT Over, Despite Report

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Jennifer Aniston Movie Career Smartwater

By Andrew Shuster |

Jennifer Aniston Movie Career Smartwater

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Jennifer Aniston’s movie career isn’t over, despite a bogus new webloid report claiming the actress has been relegated to only doing commercials. Gossip Cop can clear up the situation.

Celeb Dirty Laundry is making the absurd assumption that because Aniston stars in Smartwater’s new Spring 2017 ad campaign, her film career must be in trouble. The site goes on to purport that “critics are calling her new Smartwater campaign an embarrassment,” but doesn’t identity these supposed detractors. Without a single source to back up its claim, the webloid also contends that the actress is “struggling to find decent work” and has “nowhere left to go in her career,” which is why she’s promoting Smartwater.

Of course, the site fails to mention that Aniston has been Smartwater’s brand ambassador for several years, and this isn’t a new venture she’s taking on in lieu of acting. In fact, the actress is next appearing in the war drama, The Yellow Birds, which will be released later this year, and she just recently signed on to star in the beauty pageant comedy Dumplin’. Regardless, it’s quite common for movie stars to promote products on the side, and the outlet’s assertion that it signifies career trouble is simply ridiculous.

In fact, this isn’t the first time CDL has made a similarly bogus claim about the actress’s occupation. Gossip Cop previously called out the site for falsely alleging Aniston was being urged to “quit Hollywood.” In addition, we busted the webloid for wrongly reporting Aniston was sporting a “baby bump” at the Office Christmas Party premiere. The outlet has repeatedly published inaccurate stories about the star, and this latest article is yet another example.

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