Jennifer Aniston “Miscarriage” Story Is Untrue And Shameful

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Jennifer Aniston Miscarriage Adopting

By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Aniston Miscarriage Adopting

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Jennifer Aniston did NOT suffer a miscarriage, despite an untrue and shameful story from the tabloids. That fabricated premise is being used by one of the magazines to falsely claim the actress is now adopting an orphan from Mexico. It’s all a lie.

A headline in Wednesday’s National Enquirer declares, “Jen Making Her Mommy Dreams Come True!” According to the magazine, Aniston “suffered a devastating miscarriage” a few months ago. Now she’s supposedly “considering bringing home an orphan to call her own.”

“Jen was in a very dark place after she lost her baby,” a so-called “source” claims to the tabloid. “This has brought some happiness to her life, and brought her close to her dream of having her own child.”

What’s more is the publication says “after her miscarriage, Jen suffered yet another blow when husband Justin Theroux exploded over her confession that she was spending time consoling ex Brad Pitt after his bust-up with Angelina Jolie.”

But nearly all of the quotes on Aniston adopting and Theroux-Aniston-Pitt are word-for-word regurgitations from other publications. The National Enquirer is repeating claims from last week’s Star cover story, which falsely said Aniston and Theroux were “at war” over Pitt. And the supermarket tabloid is also repurposing allegations from its other sister outlet, RadarOnline, which on Tuesday wrongly said Aniston was adopting from a Mexican orphanage.

Pretty much the only thing original in this new article is the miscarriage aspect, and that’s arguably the most egregious part. While none of these lies about Aniston are warranted, for the National Enquirer to fabricate a miscarriage is particularly shameful. “They are disgusting,” the star’s rep tells Gossip Cop. We completely agree.

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Jennifer Aniston suffered a miscarriage and is now adopting.


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