Jennifer Aniston Never Had “Miracle Baby” Nine Months After Pregnancy Report

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Jennifer Aniston Miracle Baby

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Jennifer Aniston Miracle Baby

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Jennifer Aniston never had a “miracle baby,” despite a report last year that falsely claimed she was pregnant. Gossip Cop busted the story at the time, and now nine months have gone by. It’s clear the actress doesn’t have a newborn and that our reporting was correct.

Last August, OK! published a cover that announced, “Jen Miracle Baby At 48!” The tabloid alleged that “after years of false starts and stressful speculation,” Aniston was “finally expecting.” As Gossip Cop pointed out at the time, the use of the word “false” was an interesting choice, given that’s what this story was.

The narrative was built around a photo Justin Theroux had posted on Instagram, in which Aniston was kissing him, for their second wedding anniversary. The magazine used that snapshot to contend it was taken after the “Friends” star told him she was pregnant. Of course, the outlet had no proof to back that up. In fact, its theory was based solely on purported “buzz” from “Jen’s circle.”

A so-called “insider” was quoted as saying, “No doubt they’re ecstatic. Her friends say they’ve been trying since even before they got married.” The phrasing of those statements indicated that this supposed “insider” had no firsthand knowledge or direct confirmation that a baby was on the way. The publication itself even admitted that it wasn’t positive Aniston was for sure pregnant when it asserted, “That Jen could be expecting at the age of 48 is certainly surprising.”

Since the tabloid very obviously had no information that legitimately came from Aniston’s camp, Gossip Cop spoke with her rep, who confirmed to us on the record that she was not expecting. We also spoke with a source who questioned why anyone would “believe” OK!, given that it has spent years peddling untrue pregnancy stories about the actress. Indeed, prior to this 2017 cover story, the magazine also claimed Aniston was pregnant in 2015 and 2016.

Aniston never ended up having a baby in any of those cases, including this most recent one. Had she actually been pregnant last August as alleged, she likely would’ve given birth around late May. But as opposed to caring for a newborn, she has spent the last few weeks stepping out at events. In early June, Aniston attended a Chanel dinner for charity, and days later she helped pay tribute to George Clooney at an AFI gala.

It should also be noted that while OK! insisted last year that Aniston was pregnant with Theroux’s baby, the couple is no longer together. Unfortunately, the outlet’s reporting on her in the wake of the split hasn’t been any more accurate. Earlier this month, the publication ended up debunking its own pregnancy rumors after claiming she was going to have Brad Pitt’s baby. Naturally, the tabloid never explained what happened to the “miracle baby” she was supposedly having with Theroux. Suffice it to say, the magazine may have a fertile imagination, but its stories don’t match reality.


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