Jennifer Aniston Did NOT “Unexpectedly” Meet Brad Pitt’s Children At His House

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Jennifer Aniston Meet Brad Pitt Children

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Jennifer Aniston Meet Brad Pitt Children

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Jennifer Aniston did not “unexpectedly” meet Brad Pitt’s children at his house. She didn’t meet them at all, under any circumstances, in any place. Gossip Cop can debunk this wrong story.

Celebrity Insider is alleging Aniston recently met Pitt’s kids “by accident.” Contends the website, “Apparently, she just casually stopped by his home one day and there they were… It was definitely not what the actress had bargained for.” No specific date is given, but the blog maintains, “A source revealed that Jennifer had decided to swing by [her] friendly ex’s home to bring him a book about interior design… But what never crossed her mind is that she’d run into four out of the six Brangelina children.”

“The insider assured us that it was their very first time seeing each other in person,” claims the outlet, which quotes this supposed source as saying, “It was a momentous day. The kids knew who Jennifer was and were familiar with her from TV and magazines, but they treated her just like a normal friend of their father’s.” The alleged snitch goes on to claim, “She was taken aback by how kind, well-mannered and unaffected they looked. She especially got a kick out of Knox, who’s the spitting image of a young Brad.”

The purported tipster even asserts Aniston “extended an invite to them to come over and visit her sometime.” But, the site adds, “While this whole meeting story sounds great, even if a bit awkward, one rep for the actress has denied it ever happened.” The online publication concludes, “Huh. Who do you think is telling the truth? If Aniston and the kids have really met, why would the rep deny it?”

Uh, it was denied because they have not “really met.” Here’s what’s really going on: On Wednesday, In Touch published a new cover story that falsely alleged Aniston met Pitt’s kids. The gossip magazine even tried to dupe readers into thinking there were photos of the introduction. In actuality, one of the pictures was a 2015 shot of Pitt and Knox in which Angelina Jolie was cropped out and the other was a photo taken while Aniston was filming the movie The Switch, which was released back in 2010.

The tabloid fabricated the supposed meeting and misrepresented the photos to add fake credence to its made-up claims. Pitt’s rep (not Aniston’s, as claimed above) exclusively confirmed to Gossip Cop that the allegations were “100 percent false,” while we learned through a contact close to the actress that she’s never met her ex’s kids. Despite the debunking, Celebrity Insider picked up the untrue contentions, anyway, and didn’t bother to even attribute them to In Touch.

The website uses phrases like “the insider assured us” when it doesn’t actually have any of its own “insiders” at all, and those cited by the magazine are fictional. The only aspect here that’s accurate is that Pitt is indeed seeing his kids, as has been known for a year now. But Aniston has no involvement, even accidentally.

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