Jennifer Aniston “Marriage Meltdown” Over Brad Pitt?

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Jennifer Aniston Marriage Meltdown Brad Pitt

By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Aniston Marriage Meltdown Brad Pitt

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Is Jennifer Aniston having a “marriage meltdown” over Brad Pitt? A report claims there’s now trouble in paradise with Justin Theroux, and it’s even taking a toll on Aniston’s health. Gossip Cop can reveal the truth.

According to RadarOnline, “Jennifer Aniston’s exploding marriage crisis has pushed the heartsick beauty to gorge herself into a massive 50-pound weight gain.” A so-called “insider” claims Aniston and Theroux “have been at each others’ throats ever since he found out” that she’s allegedly been comforting Pitt in the wake of his split from Angelina Jolie.

“Jen’s a mess because Justin is furious that she’s been way too available [for Pitt],” the supposed source tells the webloid. The alleged tipster goes on to say Theroux “feels totally betrayed, but Jen has told him Brad just needs a sympathetic ear.” Now the spouses are said to be exchanging “a lot of angry phone calls, voicemails and texts” while Theroux works on a project in Germany.

What’s more is the “insider” asserts, “Jen is devastated by this. The only thing she can find comfort in is food. And now her friends are afraid she may be eating herself to death!” To back up that contention, the site cites a doctor who has never met Aniston as saying, “She’s put on nearly 50 pounds.”

But this story is stuffed with lies. Gossip Cop has already debunked false claims about Aniston comforting Pitt. We’ve also busted untrue allegations about marriage trouble with Theroux. Now we can confirm that this new story is erroneous, too. There is no “marriage meltdown” over Pitt, and absolutely no issue with Aniston’s weight and eating habits.

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Jennifer Aniston is having a “marriage meltdown” due to Brad Pitt.

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