Jennifer Aniston NOT Having “Marriage Crisis In Paradise,” Despite Claim

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Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux Marriage Crisis

By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux Marriage Crisis

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Jennifer Aniston is not having a “marriage crisis in paradise,” despite a claim from a tabloid that’s spent the last month wrongly insisting she and Justin Theroux are on the brink of divorce. Gossip Cop can debunk this new story, which is mostly just an attempt to get readers to click through an online photo gallery.

“Jennifer Aniston brought in 2018 hiding out in Cabo San Lucas with husband Justin Theroux, after the National Enquirer’s bombshell coverage of how their two-year marriage is at risk,” the gossip magazine contends on its website. Apparently the outlet doesn’t get the obvious irony of claiming the actress was “hiding out” alongside a series of paparazzi pictures of her on vacation. Clearly she wasn’t “hiding” at all.

For the sake of drama, though, the publication maintains the couple took their trip “after a brutal shouting match in their Bel Air mansion” in mid-December that supposedly led Theroux to go stay in a hotel. The tabloid regurgitates a quote from a so-called “source,” who claimed, “They called off their annual tree-trimming party because they can’t show the united front they have in the past.” The magazine also repeats its assertions about a looming “$225 million divorce” and a single Aniston planning to open a wellness center instead of running back to Brad Pitt.

The tabloid’s article is actually just a hodgepodge of misinformation that’s already been corrected. Gossip Cop previously exposed the tale about Aniston entering the wellness business and not wanting Pitt back as simply a made-up story. We also busted the outlet last week for falsely claiming Aniston “attacked” Theroux and their annual tree-trimming party was canceled. Not only was there no fight, but Aniston’s rep even told Gossip Cop, “They indeed had their annual tree-trimming party this year, so again [the publication is] wrong.”

So, here’s what’s really going on: The National Enquirer obtained pictures of Aniston and Theroux on their New Year’s trip. Since happily vacationing together doesn’t fit the tabloid’s ongoing split narrative, the publication chose to pair the pictures of the couple with its untrue claims of marital problems to give readers a reason to click through its photo gallery. Theroux and Aniston may indeed be in paradise, but they’re not actually in the midst of “crisis,” despite these contentions. But you don’t need to take just our word for it. People also reported on Tuesday that Aniston and Theroux’s marriage is “great.” UPDATE: Six weeks after this story, the couple announced they were splitting up, but urged fans not to believe what the “gossip industry” will “speculate and invent.”

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