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Is Jennifer Aniston really spending $100,000 on a makeover? A new report claims she wants to show Justin Theroux "what he's missing." A number of tabloids have made similar claims, but Gossip Cop can once again confirm these narratives are untrue.

According to New Idea, Aniston is "getting over her heartbreak with a $100,000 makeover" after she was "shocked" by Theroux "enjoying a sun-soaked romantic holiday" with Emma Stone in France. Of course, they weren't actually on a "romantic" vacation together. Theroux and Stone were brought together to celebrate Louis Vuitton, for which they are both brand ambassadors. In fact, Stone squashed relationship claims at the gathering, telling WWD that Theroux is "like my brother."

Still, the tabloid misguidedly contends Aniston is "hurt by how quickly [Theroux's] moved on... so Jen decided the best revenge was to focus on herself." A so-called "source" is quoted as saying, "Jen's been feeling more and more insecure about looking older, and her split from Justin only made her feel worse... She knows she can't compete with 20- and 30-something women." But supposedly she's going to try by "indulging in a multitude of expensive treatments."

"She's already consulted with some of the most advanced and progressive anti-ageing specialists in Hollywood," alleges the magazine's insider, who asserts Aniston has now "started having antiageing IV drips and diamond facials, which are setting her back $7000 each time." It's also said she's doing "Evian water baths twice a day — which is costing Jen around $70,000 a week." Maintains the outlet, Aniston "knows it's a lot of money, but she doesn't care [because] it's making her feel good and look amazing, which after many months of heartache is worth it to her."

There's been multiple versions of this "extreme makeover" storyline over the last two months. In early May, OK! was the first to claim Aniston was getting a "revenge makeover" at a price of $1 million. After busting that, Gossip Cop called out Life & Style for a similarly wrong tale about the "Friends" star spending $200,000 on cosmetics procedures. And just days ago, the National Enquirer peddled a story about Aniston doing a makeover to get "revenge" on Theroux and Stone. In that piece, the dollar figure was $500,000.

This report from New Idea includes the additional claim that the actress has "severed all ties with anyone associated with Justin, including shared friends." That is provably false. In April, Aniston and Theroux both attended a birthday party for their pal Jimmy Kimmel's son. People also reported at the time that she is "doing well" and "moving on with her life." That would seemingly rule out being so fixated on Theroux that she's undergoing "expensive" procedures to "show Justin what's he's missing," as alleged.

Additionally, the fact that multiple publications are running "revenge makeover" stories doesn't make the premise true, particularly when you consider that the specific details in each article are different from the next. For instance, this newest version claims Aniston is "not interested in having cosmetic surgery," when the previous ones insisted she was going under the knife. It seems the tabloids are all spreading the same basic idea but making up the specifics. Regardless, a rep for Aniston exclusively tells Gossip Cop that all of the makeover reports are "false."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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