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Jennifer Aniston is not dating Leyon Azubuike after her split from Justin Theroux, despite a report. The false story claims the actress and her boxing trainer are embarking on a romance. But Gossip Cop can bust it.

The article in question can be found in the pages of Star, under the headline, "Jen Has Sparks With Sparring Partner." The story actually begins with an indisputable falsehood, with the tabloid asserting Aniston is "ready to K.O. the memory of her divorce" from Theroux. Aniston and Theroux have only announced a separation, and neither of them has taken any legal steps for a divorce.

Still, the magazine uses that wrong assertion to claim Aniston is "getting a little help" moving on "from her beefy boxing trainer." It's alleged the "Friends" star is "remaking her body — and her heart — with a little help" from Azubuike. "Jen took up boxing when things started to get bad with Justin," a so-called "source" supposedly "whispers" to the outlet.

"After a few months, she was spending more time with Leyon than her husband," alleges this untraceable tipster. The outlet's purported "source" goes on, "Some friends think Jen just needed something to punch to vent her frustration with Justin." But given that "she's still boxing" half a year after the breakup with Theroux, "now everyone believes it's Leyon that Jen's enjoying," contends the questionable insider. Yeah, because Aniston couldn't possibly be continuing her training sessions because it's a healthy workout.

As Aniston revealed in her InStyle cover story, she began working with Azubuike last year, long before she and Theroux split, but it's only now after that interview came out earlier this month that the gossip media is trying to link them romantically. If Aniston was so close to Azubuike on a personal level all this time, why hadn't the publication reported it before now?

Furthermore, the boxing trainer has done a number of interviews about their workouts in recent weeks, and at no point has there been any suggestion that they have more than a professional relationship. Additionally, People recently reported that Aniston is "very happy being single." And given that since June, she has been filming Netflix's Murder Mystery in Montreal and Europe, there hasn't exactly been time for Aniston to focus on her love life.

Gossip Cop also spoke with a rep for the actress, who tells us on the record that these romance claims are a "fabrication." Shamefully, HollywoodLife regurgitated the allegations without fact-checking them, only to add in an update later acknowledging the report is untrue. Had the site closely examined and investigated the contentions as we did, it should've been able to determine that they were meritless from the start.

The blog also should've considered Star's track record. In March, the tabloid sold an outright lie on its cover, photoshopping a picture to make it seem like Aniston and ex-husband Brad Pitt were caught kissing. And in June, the magazine alleged Aniston was dating a Hollywood director and may even be pregnant with the unnamed man's baby. Naturally, none of that is mentioned in this new piece. But it all goes to show that the outlet has no credibility.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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