Jennifer Aniston NOT Hour Late For “Mother’s Day” Premiere, Despite Report

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Jennifer Aniston Late Mother's Day Premiere

By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Aniston Late Mother's Day Premiere

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Jennifer Aniston was NOT an hour late for Wednesday’s Mother’s Day premiere, despite a report that largely misrepresents the star’s appearance at the Hollywood event. Gossip Cop can correct the story, which favors sensationalism over truth-telling.

The generally-reliable TMZ writes, “Jennifer Aniston was way more than fashionably late for the premiere of her new flick Mother’s Day… and fans outside made her pay the price.” Using footage taken by paparazzi, the site says the “crowd absolutely turned on a dime” when Aniston simply waved before she “rushed inside the theater.”

“We’re told the reception inside wasn’t much warmer,” the outlet goes on to claim. “Sources inside the event tell us some of Aniston’s high-profile co-stars — who’d been inside waiting for an hour — were pissed she made everyone wait.”

But Gossip Cop has learned that very little about this account is accurate. Aniston did not brush off real fans, but professional autograph seekers who were across the street. As our impeccable insider points out, the actress wasn’t going to “cross over Hollywood Blvd. in active traffic to sign their posters,” which would then be sold to make a seedy profit.

Furthermore, while Aniston was indeed late, she did NOT show up an hour after the call time. In fact, she arrived at 7:30 p.m. and was inside the theater by 7:45. The screening, we’re told, was only delayed by 20 minutes. “Premieres are always starting late and this was no different than them all,” our contact argues.

“There was no booing inside the theater as no one even knew when she got there,” notes our insider, who was actually on the scene. More than anything, it seems like TMZ may have been duped by one of the disgruntled autograph seekers who had been hoping to sell posters with Aniston’s signature.


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