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Jennifer Aniston is not the object of Kim Jong-Un's affection, despite a report from exactly one year ago today that maintained the North Korean leader wanted to kidnap the actress and marry her. Gossip Cop noted 12 months ago the insane claim was untrue, and it remains false to this day. Not surprisingly, the outlet that seemingly concocted this tall tale hasn't gotten much more accurate with its stories about the former "Friends" star.

On November 14, 2017, the National Enquirer in all seriousness published an article that asserted Jong-un was so smitten with Aniston that he recruited former KBG spies to track and then snatch the actress while she had been visiting Paris. To lend credence to its make-believe story, the repeatedly discredited supermarket tabloid said it had a CIA operative who revealed that in Jong-Un's "fantasy world," Aniston is just as "in love" with him as he is with her. The magazine's alleged source further contended that the dictator is a "Friends" junkie and can't get enough of Hollywood and celebrity culture.

But alas for Jong-Un, his kidnapping plot failed because Aniston had been traveling with security. The outlet's supposed insider added that after the plan to grab Aniston and make her his wife fell apart, there were "mass executions" in the capital city of Pyongyang, and it's believed the killings were directly related to the foiled mission involving the "Friends" actress. And while there was no reason to doubt such a sound and well-reported story, Gossip Cop still checked in with a CIA spokesperson, who literally burst out in laughter when hearing the tabloid's tale.

More seriously, that outlandish article wasn't remotely true 365 days ago, and it's still wrong to this day. In the intervening year, however, the National Enquirer hasn't gotten much better with its stories about Aniston. For example, in August the habitually disproven tabloid falsely reported Aniston and her ex-husband Brad Pitt "reignited" their romance and were back together. Oddly, the Pitt nonsense was published just two weeks after the very same magazine untruthfully swore up and down that Aniston and Justin Theroux were having "secret sleepovers" and were also getting back together.

Lastly, though there are far more tales the outlet got wrong in the past year, another one worth highlighting was a piece from March 2018 that asserted Aniston and Theroux's marriage fell apart in Paris in April 2017. Of course, it made no sense they agreed in France to divorce, and then waited a full 10 months to actually announce their split. More importantly, though, Gossip Cop studied photos of Theroux and Aniston in Paris from that time, and clearly not only were they very much in love back then, but also "The Leftovers" star's hand on his wife's bottom at a TV festival there was undoubtedly to protect her from KGB operatives who were looking to whisk her away and into the loving open arms of Kim Jong-Un.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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