Kim Jong-Un Did NOT Try To Kidnap Jennifer Aniston, Despite Report

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Jennifer-Aniston Kim Jong Un Kidnap

By Andrew Shuster |

Jennifer-Aniston Kim Jong Un Kidnap

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Kim Jong-un never hatched a plot to kidnap Jennifer Aniston, despite an utterly absurd tabloid report. According to the article, the North Korean dictator is obsessed with the actress and wanted to make her his wife. Gossip Cop looked into the far-fetched story and we’ve exclusively learned it’s entirely made-up.

The National Enquirer claims Jong-un hired ex-KGB operatives to abduct Aniston during her trip to Paris in April, but they weren’t able to carry out the scheme because she was always surrounded by security. A so-called “CIA contractor” tells the outlet that the ruler “lives in a fantasy world and imagines Jennifer is in love with him.”

The supposed “operative” adds, “He is completely consumed with all things Hollywood. He watches reruns of ‘Friends’ over and over. He’s convinced he will soon be entertaining the biggest stars in Hollywood.” After noting that the alleged mission ultimately failed, the questionable source concludes, “Word leaked of mysterious mass executions in North Korea’s capital a few weeks later and this could’ve been the cause.”

Despite how insane this all sounds, Gossip Cop fact-checks even the most ridiculous of stories, and we can set the record straight. We related the report to a CIA spokesperson, who laughed off the preposterous article. Of course, Gossip Cop often debunks the Enquirer for publishing more lighthearted, yet equally untrue stories about the actress.

We recently called out the magazine for wrongly reporting Aniston was opening a wellness center. Shortly before that fabrication, we busted the outlet’s inaccurate article about Aniston suing over a “Friends” musical parody. These reports were frivolous, but now the Enquirer has decided to make the actress the target of a kidnapping plot and allege she’s responsible for the murder of innocent people. The tabloid often peddles political conspiracy theories and tall tales about the actress, so it’s not surprising the magazine has combined the two.

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