Truth About Jennifer Aniston Coming Between Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom

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Jennifer Aniston Katy Perry Orlando Bloom truth

By Griffin Matis |

Jennifer Aniston Katy Perry Orlando Bloom truth

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Jennifer Aniston has never come between Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom in any way, but there have been many ridiculous stories about the actress negatively impacting the couple’s romance.  Gossip Cop has debunked many different takes on the subject. Here are just a few wrong rumors we’ve corrected.

In March 2018, Gossip Cop busted RadarOnline falsely claiming Aniston was preparing to fight Perry over Bloom. Citing a totally anonymous source, the site alleged the actress was “on the prowl” for men after her then-recent separation from Justin Theroux. “Jen’s very open about wanting to hit the dating scene and Orlando’s at the top of her list of crushes,” a supposed insider told the outlet. “It won’t go down well with Katy, so don’t be surprised if this gets messy.”

Gossip Cop ran the rumor by Aniston’s spokesperson, who told us that it was “more nonsense” from the site that had previously (and still incorrectly) linked Aniston with Gerard Butler the month before. A week before the Bloom story, the blog also claimed Aniston was trying to convince ex-husband Brad Pitt to be her “baby daddy.” Instead of being “on the prowl” for Bloom and other men, Aniston was instead spending time with friends and focusing on her career.

This past January, the National Enquirer wrongly alleged Aniston and Bloom were having a “secret emotional affair.” The tabloid said Bloom had remained physically loyal to Perry, but he was still “more than friends” with Aniston. “They had an affair many years ago, even though it was something they tried to deny,” an anonymous source told the publication, “and the spark’s never gone out between them.” Bloom, the tipster alleged, has “been in love with Jen since Friends.”

The Enquirer was entirely wrong. There’s no evidence that Bloom and Aniston ever had an “affair” or anything similar. The two are simply friends and colleagues that share a manager. Bloom even attended Aniston’s wedding in 2015.

In July, Life & Style published a phony article about Perry waring Aniston to “stay away” from Bloom. The outlet used some familiar language when it described Perry as being “worried” that Bloom and Aniston were “more than friends.” The magazine further contended that the singer found text messages from Aniston on her fiancé’s phone. “Katy wishes Jen would back off,” said an unnamed insider.

Once again, the supposed love triangle between the three was a total work of fiction. The article never explained how Perry found the texts or what these secret messages said. Gossip Cop checked with Aniston’s rep, who told us that the story was nonsense. Perry’s spokesperson also dismissed the story, calling it “rubbish.” The phony scenario was just another example of how little the gossip media knows about the three stars.


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