Jennifer Aniston, Katy Perry NOT In “Fight” Over Orlando Bloom, Despite Claim

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Jennjifer Aniston Orlando Bloom Hookup

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Jennjifer Aniston Orlando Bloom Hookup

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Jennifer Aniston is not gearing up to fight Katy Perry for the affections of Orlando Bloom, despite a new claim. Though a report on Wednesday alleges the actress wants to hook up with the actor, Gossip Cop can exclusively bust it. We’re told it’s all “nonsense” and untrue.

While Perry and Bloom are currently dating on and off, they’ve been friends with Aniston for years. Bloom attended Aniston and Justin Theroux’s wedding in 2015, and they went to Bloom’s birthday party in 2017. He and Aniston also share a manager. But now RadarOnline has seemingly manufactured a love triangle.

In the wake of Aniston’s separation from Theroux a month ago, the site alleges she doesn’t want to “stay single for long,” and would “love to date her old friend,” despite his involvement with Perry. The blog maintains Aniston and Bloom were “crushing on each other” following her 2005 divorce from Brad Pitt, and suggests a spark could be rekindled now. A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “What he and Jen shared years ago was a pretty exciting connection and nobody doubts he’d enjoy reconnecting with her again now [that] she’s single.”

The website describes Aniston as “on the prowl,” with a purported pal asserting, “Jen’s very open about wanting to hit the dating scene and Orlando’s at the top of her list of crushes.” Perry, however, is deemed a “major obstacle.” Though it’s not said how Aniston supposedly plans to make a move, the aforementioned “source” contends, “It won’t go down well with Katy, so don’t be surprised if this gets messy.” Actually, don’t be surprised if no love triangle ever actually emerges.

Aniston has no intention of going after Bloom. The claim, a rep for the actress exclusively tells Gossip Cop, is “more nonsense” from an outlet that has spread a lot of it. That includes wrongly linking the “Friends” star last month to Gerard Butler, and even ridiculously alleging just a week ago that Aniston wants Pitt to be her “baby daddy.”

The online publication’s claims about her being “on the prowl” are also inaccurate. While Aniston is going out with friends on occasion, she is not already jumping back into the dating pool. In fact, People recently reported that Aniston isn’t a fan of dating and is “not looking forward” to rejoining the singles scene. Of course, it’s likely she will eventually connect with someone at some point. Just don’t expect that person to be Bloom.