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Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux do not still talk "regularly," despite a report from a site that regularly makes-up stories. Gossip Cop can correct this fabricated claim. We're told that while their split was and remains amicable, they are not in "constant contact," as falsely maintained by a blog that's nicknamed HollywoodLies.

In its latest concocted tale, which hasn't been confirmed or repeated by any of the more legitimate outlets, HollywoodLife asserts that Theroux and Aniston "talk, text and email each other fairly regularly." The habitually disproven blog alleges a so-called "insider" says Aniston "thinks about Justin a lot" and will "often send Justin a photo or an anecdote that she knows will make him laugh." Naturally, while the website maintains it has an "insider," that person offers no insight whatsoever about one single thing Aniston has texted Theroux or what they talk about.

Do they text back and forth about how Theroux is "tempted" to work with Angelina Jolie? That was one of the falsehoods HollywoodLies published not long after he and Aniston announced their split. And do they "regularly" talk about Theroux's insecurities over Aniston dating her trainer Leyon Azubuike? Last month, that same often discredited site claimed the actor was "jealous," and had one of its untraceable sources maintain, "Justin's not ready to hear about Jennifer dating anyone else." So they "regularly" talk, but just not about that? And Gossip Cop can only imagine what kind of emails Aniston fired off to her ex after hearing he was dating Selena Gomez. In May, the website said the former "Friends" star was "seriously upset" about it.

As Gossip Cop previously reported, based on facts and named sources, Theroux never met with Jolie to discuss a movie nor is he "tempted" to work with her. We also exclusively reported Aniston is not dating her trainer nor was Theroux "jealous." And, of course, Gomez and Theroux never dated, so clearly Aniston wasn't "furious." All those and many more stories were simply falsehoods spun by HollywoodLies, which claimed to have an "insider."

It's also interesting that the online outlet's "insider" contends that even though they are "regularly" in contact, "The exes are not at a stage where they're spending any time together just yet." Just a month ago, the amnesiacs at HollywoodLife alleged Aniston and Theroux's romance was "back on." Both Aniston and Theroux's reps told Gossip Cop the blog's story was untrue.

What's really going is Theroux gave an interview with the New York Times in which he noted that he and Aniston had a "gentle separation" and there was "no animosity." Given that, the creative writers at HollywoodLies came up with the site's latest fabrication. And while the blog repeated how Theroux told the paper, "we respected each other enough that it was as painless as it could be," it seems to have missed that the actor was speaking in the past tense, signaling that they're not in regular contact.

Lastly, while their split is "amicable," they do not make an effort to be in contact with one another. In fact, last spring Aniston made a point of attending Jimmy Kimmel's son's birthday after Theroux left, the party. And just a few weeks ago, People reported that Aniston "doesn't keep up with what he does."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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