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Jennifer Aniston did not threaten Justin Theroux and tell him to "stay away" from her friends, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can bust this untrue story. The exes are not clashing over their mutual pals.

But RadarOnline is claiming Aniston is "beside herself with fury" over Theroux's "shameless networking within her social circle." A so-called "informant" claims the actress was "angry enough" when photos emerged of Theroux out with Emma Stone, "whom she considers a friend." But pictures of the actor "schmoozing all over Selena Gomez... really tipped her over the edge."

Theroux is described as "crawling all over her social network," with the site's supposed source maintaining he "doesn't care if his presence in these people's lives upsets Jen." But Aniston, alleged the purported tipster, "finds it so sickening and upsetting." What Gossip Cop finds upsetting is that this sensationalized narrative gives a false impression because it lacks key context.

The website is making it seem like Aniston was pals with Stone, and Theroux suddenly decided to hang out with her after their breakup. That's not the case. Theroux and Stone are co-stars in the upcoming Netflix series "Maniac," which they filmed last year, before his split from Aniston. They obviously have a connection independent of her, and it makes little sense to allege Aniston objects to Theroux becoming close with his own colleague.

As for Gomez, the blog fails to mention that her time hanging out with Theroux earlier this month was orchestrated by their mutual manager, Aleen Keshishian, who also represents Aniston. As Keshishian showed off on Instagram, she gathered a bunch of clients on the East Coast to see an off-Broadway play starring Billy Crudup, with whom she also works. But the online publication is wrongly making it seem like Gomez and Theroux's only connection is through Aniston. That's just not the case, either. And Aniston's spokesperson already told Gossip Cop on the record that the suggestion she felt "betrayed" by Gomez spending time with Theroux is just "silly."

The website also brings up Aniston and Theroux both attending a birthday party for Jimmy Kimmel's son, as if that is an issue as well. In actuality, they made it easier on their mutual pal by having Aniston arrive after Theroux left. And People reported at the time she was "doing well" and "moving on with her life." That doesn't jive with these new claims about Aniston supposedly being upset by overlapping social circles. It should also be noted that the outlet erroneously claims the Kimmel bash took place "last week," when it was actually held a month ago (see screengrab below).

RadarOnline's latest story also contradicts another of one of its articles, in which it was alleged Aniston wanted Theroux to "take her back." If that were the case, why would she now be angered by him spending time with their joint pals? The site's reporting is inconsistent, inaccurate and unsubstantiated. In contrast, Gossip Cop routinely provides transparent proof that exposes these falsehoods. And here, the evidence makes it quite clear that these claims of Aniston objecting to Theroux being friends with their mutual pals don't stand up to scrutiny.


Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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