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Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux's split has not turned "toxic," despite a new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this off-base claim. We're told the assertion is "false."

According to a Grazia cover story, initially their breakup wasn't acrimonious, but now it's taken a nasty turn. To push its narrative, the tabloid quotes a so-called "well-place insider" as saying, "Jen and Justin are on terrible terms and it's only getting worse." Unnamed and untraceable "friends" of the ex-couple further maintain everything was good between Theroux and Aniston until he "started stepping out with other women almost immediately."

Not taking any ownership over its reporting, the publication adds that it's "said" Aniston has been "hurt by Justin's insensitivity" because he's now "dating 25-year-old model Erika Cardenas." At this point, however, it should be clear that the purported "friends" quoted by the magazine aren't close to either star because, as widely reported and confirmed to Gossip Cop by his own rep, Theroux is not dating or having a fling with Cardenas. There is "no romantic relationship" between Cardenas and Theroux, People also verified. She is simply a gym buddy.

From there, the tabloid contends Theroux and Aniston's situation has been made worse because they "share a close social circle." Not surprisingly, the publication relates how they "narrowly avoided each other last week at Jimmy Kimmel's son's first birthday party." Actually, the near miss was coordinated because Aniston and Theroux have respect for one another, and they didn't want to make it awkward for their mutual pals. And contrary to Grazia's claims, in an article about Theroux and Aniston at Kimmel's son's birthday bash, People went out of its way to note, "She is doing well... and moving on with her life."

Next, without any substitution, the outlet's seeming phony "insider" maintains the split is going to get "worse" because there will be a fight over money, and Aniston's stance is that "he should pay her for the career advice and doors she opened." Meanwhile, contends the tabloid, Theroux's looking for a "decent settlement" because he "feels he was a huge part of her success." Of course, neither of those assertions are remotely true.

Theroux was a success well before he and Aniston married, having appeared in a number of films, including Mulholland Drive, and written the screenplays for Tropic Thunder and Iron Man 2. And it's hard to take seriously the tabloid's claim from its unidentified "insider" that "he was a huge part of her success," since Aniston earned tens of millions of dollars from "Friends" and starred in a number of major movies before dating Theroux. Still, while the magazine hides behind its unnamed sources, Gossip Cop went straight to Theroux's rep, who assures us the tabloid's tale is filled with "false" information, and their split is "not nasty."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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