Is Jennifer Aniston getting "revenge" on Justin Theroux by looking hot? That's the ridiculous premise of a story in this week's tabloids. Gossip Cop can bust the claim, as photos show the actress looks just as good as she did before their breakup.

But a so-called "source" tells Life & Style, "Jen's looking better than ever... She really looks like a completely different woman lately." The magazine contends that in the wake of her split from Theroux earlier this year, Aniston "transformed herself into a taut, toned and confident goddess." An untraceable "insider" asserts, "Justin expected Jen to fall apart after they announced their separation, but to his surprise, she's done the exact opposite."

"She proved to Justin she can easily survive without him, and she's happier than ever. It's the ultimate revenge," claims the purported "insider." The outlet maintains Aniston's "newfound confidence didn't happen overnight," but alleges she "started eating healthier and embarked on a rigorous exercise schedule." The publication further claims Aniston has "started dating again, going out casually with a few entertainment industry execs."

But there are several problems with these contentions. First off, narratives about Aniston suddenly having a "revenge body" started last month, after paparazzi surreptitiously photographed her as she lounged by a pool in Italy. Life & Style is now using those same pictures to assert she is looking "hotter than ever." But the reality is she looks just as good as she always has, and that's visibly evident in bikini photos of Aniston through the years. There is no visible difference in her appearance now, contrary to the claims.

Secondly, the "Friends" star hasn't suddenly made healthy eating and fitness a priority. Both have long been a part of her life. In 2016, for example, Aniston shared her health-conscious food diary with People, and Aniston also discussed with the magazine how she stays motivated when it comes to exercise. Significantly, that interview took place during her romance with Theroux, nearly two years before they split. Aniston is now continuing what she's always done, regardless of her relationship status.

Third, People also reported in June that Aniston is "happy being single" and "focused on her own happiness." There is also proof that she hasn't even had time to be "dating again." Since late June, Aniston has been filming Netflix's Murder Mystery, first in Montreal, and now in Europe. While the actress has had some down time during the production, she's never been seen out on dates with "entertainment industry execs." Her biggest outing so far has been a visit to longtime friend George Clooney's Lake Como estate.

To recap, Life & Style claims Aniston is getting "revenge" on Theroux by looking hot, eating well and exercising, and going on dates. But there is readily available evidence showing her appearance hasn't changed in years, as well as articles from past years in which she's openly discussed her health regimen. Furthermore, given that Aniston has been shooting a movie for weeks, it's clear she's not out and about on the dating scene. There is simply no merit to this "revenge" storyline.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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