A story about Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux having a "battle" over a prenup is fake news. It was baselessly manufactured just to capitalize on the couple's split. Gossip Cop can also explain how it contradicts a prior report.

"Jennifer Aniston — Inside The Battle To Get Her To Sign 'Ironclad' Prenup," reads a headline on the website of the National Enquirer. According to the article, Aniston and Theroux's divorce has "gotten ugly" due to the actor "romancing new women," but "things could've gone worse" for the actress. The supermarket tabloid alleges that prior to the stars tying the knot in 2015, Aniston "originally didn't care about taking steps to protect her $120 million fortune."

A so-called "pal" describes Aniston as a "hopeless romantic" who was "convinced that she'd found her soulmate again" following a failed marriage to Brad Pitt. Noting that Theroux already had millions of his own, the purported friend claims "Jennifer knew Justin wasn't after her money." But the gossip magazine goes on to contend that Aniston ultimately "agreed" to signing a prenup after Theroux explained that he wanted her to feel "protected."

"That worked out to the relief of Jennifer's inner circle" now that the couple has split, the outlet asserts. But this isn't the narrative the publication previously offered. In direct conflict with this current tale, the tabloid maintained back in 2012 that Aniston wouldn't even accept Theroux's proposal until he agreed to a prenup. The magazine insisted at the time, "Jen is determined to protect her fortune in the event that they split." Notably, that article also claimed they would "marry by the end of the year" and "bring home a baby in 2013" through adoption.

Well, Aniston and Theroux didn't marry by the end of 2012, nor did they adopt in 2013. On top of those falsehoods, the outlet's claim then that the "Friends" star required a prenup as the condition on which she would wed the actor is the opposite of what's being alleged now. That's because the National Enquirer cares about neither accuracy nor consistency. Us Weekly has reported that Aniston and Theroux do in fact have a prenup, but since they have not filed for divorce, there is no legal documentation to back that up.

Regardless, it is evident through the National Enquirer's contradictory stories that the tabloid does not have real insight on such an agreement. Rather, it is offering fake news that it can't substantiate just to exploit the ongoing interest in the breakup. As Gossip Cop has documented, the magazine has been spreading a lot of misinformation since the split, including the repeated assertion that Aniston and Theroux's divorce has become "ugly." We already corrected that claim back in March.

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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