Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Married: Tabloids Spent Years Lying About Wedding — SEE COVER LIES!

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Jennifer Aniston Wedding Justin Theroux Married

By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Aniston Wedding Justin Theroux Married


Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux finally married on Wednesday, Gossip Cop confirmed after spending years (!) busting false tabloid wedding stories. See cover photos below!

Since Aniston and Theroux’s 2012 engagement, and even before then, Gossip Cop has corrected (no joke) dozens of made-up reports about supposed nuptials. We were right every single time. And now that Aniston and Theroux have indeed tied the knot, it’s the perfect time to point out how the gossip mill has tried to mislead readers over and over and over again.

Aniston and Theroux started dating in 2011, and the tabloids began printing marriage stories almost immediately. OK! alleged Aniston and Angelina Jolie were planning dueling weddings, and then later claimed Aniston was going to have a “New Year’s elopement.” Star went even further, announcing Aniston had not only married Theroux, but was also expecting a baby.

In 2012, before Aniston and Theroux got engaged on his birthday that August, Life & Style said she was racing Jolie to the altar, and also had a “world exclusive” announcing a “wedding & a baby!” Meanwhile, the National Enquirer said the couple was “tying the knot in Paris,” after the supermarket tabloid previously claimed they would “tie the knot” in Crete. Even TMZ said Aniston had taken a “scouting trip” to the Greek island to plan the supposed festivities. Star went with the same rumor, but again took it up a notch, deeming Aniston a “pregnant bride.”

Following the engagement, HollywoodLife became convinced Aniston and Theroux were having their wedding “this weekend,” which obviously didn’t happen. A few months later OK! said the stars were “finally married” after having a secret ceremony at their Bel Air home over Christmas 2012. Of course, the very next month, in January 2013, OK! went with an “Elope to Mexico” cover.

Further backtracking, OK! next said Aniston and Theroux had NOT yet tied the knot, but that she was “demanding” a “quickie” ceremony in her agent’s office. And then another OK! cover that summer declared, “IT’S OFFICIAL,” and purported to have all the “details” of a “secret sunset ceremony.” All that didn’t stop the magazine from contradicting itself yet again, next announcing Aniston and Theroux had chosen a Valentine’s Day wedding date, only to then claim they would “looking to be married this fall” at Julia Roberts’ estate in Mexico.

Naturally, fall came and went, as did February 14, 2014. That’s probably why that October, OK! ran yet another “Finally Married!” cover, saying there was a “secret wedding” at a New York farm, and even going as far as making up a “best day of my life” quote for Aniston. Also last year, Us Weekly did a cover announcing Aniston told Theroux she wanted to “elope.”

2015 kicked off with an OK! cover in January that said “pregnant Jen” had a “wedding in paradise.” In May, the National Enquirer claimed George Clooney was offering his Italian villa as a wedding venue. And then, most recently, Life & Style published a “It’s Official! Jen Is… FINALLY MARRIED!” cover story just last month.

In every single instance, the tabloids were flat-out wrong. In every single instance, Gossip Cop called them out for their lies. And now that Aniston and Theroux have ACTUALLY tied the knot, we’re hoping this can serve as a reminder of how the tabloids repeatedly try to trick readers without any regard for the truth. See some of the cover lies below, and beware: The tabloids will next start exclaiming “DIVORCE!!!”



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