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A new story claiming Jennifer Aniston is upset about Justin Theroux having a baby with Laura Harrier is untrue. Gossip Cop can debunk the report on all fronts. We're told it's "completely false."

The tall tale comes from New Idea, a tabloid that has published numerous lies about Theroux and Aniston. According to its latest story, Aniston has had a "rough week" after finding out Theroux is "expecting a baby with his girlfriend Laura Harrier." The magazine alleges it has a source who shares, "Jen was in pieces after Justin made the bombshell call to her while she was filming her new show." The purported insider continues in somewhat unnatural language, "[Aniston] told her pal Reese Witherspoon she felt as if someone was trying to repeatedly punish her with one bad thing after another."

The outlet's unnamed and untraceable source further contends, "She always dreamed of having a baby with Justin and maybe even having two little ones by the time she was 50, so to be single and face the news he's starting a family with a woman half her age was a bitter blow and it sent her spiraling." The anonymous tipster goes on to assert, "Justin said he wanted Jen to be the first to know out of respect for her." Harrier is due in the summer," maintains the supposed source, who adds Theroux's baby "could even come before [his and Aniston's] divorce has been finalized, which Jen said would be her worst nightmare."

Actually, the only nightmare here is the magazine's claims. Theroux and Harrier aren't even dating, a point Gossip Cop made last October. At the time, her rep assured us that talk of them being a couple was untrue.

But the false narrative returned a few weeks later, thanks to New Idea which inaccurately claimed Theroux and Harrier went apartment hunting in Paris. Of course, the BlacKkKlansman star and Theroux have not been even spotted together since last fall. Actually, by several accounts, Harrier has been spending time with Golden State Warriors player Klay Thompson.

Contrary to the premise about the "Friends" star being "in pieces" and "spiraling" from the supposed baby news, Aniston was all-smiles at her star-studded 50th birthday bash on Saturday. Most significantly, the actress's rep exclusively tells Gossip Cop there's "no truth whatsoever" to the tale about Harrier and Theroux expecting a baby. "It's just so completely false," reiterates the spokesperson.

As noted above, the tabloid has a poor track record with articles its about Aniston. Last June, for example, Gossip Cop busted the publication when it ran a cover story that falsely alleged Aniston was helping to bring up Brad Pitt's children. Just a few weeks later, the same outlet incorrectly asserted, Aniston was pregnant with Pitt's baby.

Having forgotten its article from two months earlier, in September the often discredited magazine announced Aniston and Pitt were having a baby together. And then in December, Gossip Cop corrected the publication after it splashed on its cover another bogus report about how Aniston was going to spend Christmas with Pitt and his kids in Missouri. None of those stories about Aniston were credible.

Nor has the tabloid been any better with its tales about Theroux. One year ago today, the outlet swore up and down Theroux and Angelina Jolie were caught in a "hook-up" in New York. Jolie wasn't even in New York at the time of the alleged encounter, and Theroux's rep also assured us it was 100 percent "false." Albeit repeatedly wrong, at least the one thing you can say about New Idea is that it's consistent.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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