Jennifer Aniston Feeling ‘Heartbreak’ Over Justin Theroux Kissing Another Woman?

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Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux Kissing

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux Kissing

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Is Jennifer Aniston really feeling “heartbreak” over Justin Theroux being photographed kissing another woman? That’s what’s being claimed in the headline of a website’s new story. The reality, however, is that Theroux was making out with Ilana Glazer for a scene they were shooting for the movie False Positive, which the comedic actress also wrote.

After unnecessarily tying Aniston into its unrelated article, RadarOnline writes how Theroux looked “smitten” with Glazer. And while it eventually acknowledges the kissing was part of a scene that takes place in New York’s Central Park, throughout the rest of its piece, the often discredited outlet continues to pointlessly drag Aniston into its narrative. It mentions, for instance, how Theroux is back to living in New York full-time while his ex remains in California, and also how he did not attend her 50th birthday party in Los Angeles a couple of months ago.

Of course, Aniston has literally nothing to do with the photos the blog bought of Theroux doing a scene with Glazer. The outlet is simply trying to create drama with Aniston where there is none, questioning whether she’s experiencing “heartbreak” because her ex is just acting. Actually, Theroux clearly noted in a September interview with the New York Times how there’s “no animosity” between him and his ex, a point Aniston’s rep has also confirmed to Gossip Cop. And in the September issue of InStyle, the former “Friends” star also clarified that among the “misconceptions” about her is that she’s “sad and heartbroken,” but contrary to the site’s headline, she stated, “I’n not heartbroken.”

Meanwhile, the blog’s sister publication OK! repurposed the photos its parent company bought of “The Leftovers” star and Glazer for a piece that also needlessly included Aniston. In a piece titled, “Bye Jennifer! Justin Theroux Seen Passionately Kissing Another A-List Actress,” the tabloid asserts online how he and Glazer “exhibited a ton of PDA in New York City.” The story then notes without context how “the hunky actor has a thing for women like this.”

Only towards the end of its piece does it also admit the kissing was “strictly professional,” and that Glazer’s married to David Rooklin, a scientist. That outlet ends its somewhat misleading article by adding how Theroux’s been “linked to several A-list actresses… includ[ing] Emma Stone, Laura Harrier and Elizabeth Hurley.” But, as any reader of Gossip Cop knows, the actor never actually dated any of those three women, as wrongly maintained by the tabloids.

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RadarOnline and OK! make a lot of outrageous and provably inaccurate claims about Aniston and Theroux. For instance, 11 months ago, Gossip Cop busted the magazine when it untruthfully insisted on its cover that Aniston was having Brad Pitt’s baby. And while it now says Theroux is strictly a New Yorker, late last year the same outlet concocted a tale about how Aniston cried after having a run-in with Theroux at a “Hollywood restaurant.” Naturally, the publication didn’t mention the name of the restaurant or where it happened, and that’s because the whole story was fabricated.

Of course, its sister site is no better. Among the many of its manufactured reports Gossip Cop has corrected include Aniston supposedly wanting Theroux back after failing to rekindle with Pitt. That was a lie, and so was its post about how Aniston bought Theroux silence so he could never talk about her. The only ones who should feel “heartbreak” are the readers of those two outlets for having been duped into clicking onto those deceptive articles.


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