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A story alleging Jennifer Aniston wants Justin Theroux to stop "humiliating" her after their divorce announcement is made-up. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this manufactured report, which is riddled with a slew of verifiably inaccurate claims. Additionally, we're told it's "false."

After relating how Theroux and Aniston noted in the statement about their split that they "look forward to continuing our cherished friendship," Life & Style maintains a so-called "source" tells the tabloid that their parting ways is now "far from amicable." As widely reported in February, Aniston and Theroux also made clear in their split announcement that "given how the gossip industry cannot resist an opportunity to speculate and invent," virtually everything being reported about them that's not directly from the two stars (and by extension their reps) is part of a "fictional narrative." Curiously, the publication left out that section, and the reason may be because that's exactly what its story is.

According to its latest report, the outlet's unnamed, untraceable and possible nonexistent "source" contends that Aniston recently "lit into" Theroux because "she keeps seeing him out with young models and actresses." The tabloid's supposed insider claims the former "Friends" star told Theroux, "Stop humiliating me." Of course, the magazine doesn't mention when this purported argument took place or whether it was via phone, emails, text messages or in person. Nor does the publication explain how its alleged "source" came into finding this out. And that's because none of this actually occurred.

The article then shifts into how Aniston feels Theroux "traded her in" for a number of younger actresses and models. Aniston, asserts the tabloid's tipster, believes Theroux should have given "their relationship a bit of a mourning period" instead of "acting like a man who was just let out of prison." The outlet lists Selena Gomez, Erika Cardenas, photographer Petra Collins, and Aubrey Plaza as among the women Theroux has been linked to and who have caused Aniston to feel "betrayed."

The story, which was picked up by the equally unreliable tabloid New Idea, is provably untrue for a variety of reasons. While Life & Style offers no evidence to back up its claim that the couple fought and Aniston told her ex to stop "humiliating her," Theroux's rep went on the record to debunk this example of a "fictional narrative." His spokesperson assures Gossip Cop the claims about Aniston and Theroux's split being now "far from amicable" are "false." We're further told by the rep there have been no arguments like the one claimed by the magazine's alleged "source."

Equally significant is that, as Gossip Cop reported, Theroux is not dating Gomez. Additionally, as we've noted in the past, he's also not romantically involved Petra Collins. In fact, both their reps denied it on the record.

Also, Theroux is not dating his platonic gym friend Erika Cardenas. And talk about Plaza and Theroux being a couple has already been debunked, as well. Therefore, there's no reason for Aniston to feel "betrayed." Finally, as for the contention that Aniston feels her estranged husband should have given "their relationship a bit of a mourning period," it was previously reported that Theroux was "heartbroken" over the split amidst untrue dating rumors.

Conclusion: The tabloid maintains Aniston lashed out at Theroux for "humiliating" her by being seen with different women following their split, but offers no details about when, where, or how that alleged argument took place. And to back up its premise, the magazine listed a number of women with whom it's been established he's not romantically involved. Additionally, the publication's tale is predicated all on the word on an unknown "source," while Gossip Cop's fact-check is based on evidence, previously published reports, and Theroux's own rep. Because of those reasons, we've determined the outlet's story is untrue.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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