Jennifer Aniston Cleansing Home Of Justin Theroux?

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Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux Home

By Andrew Shuster |

Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux Home

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Did Jennifer Aniston hire an “interior therapist” to cleanse her home of Justin Theroux? That’s the bizarre claim in one of this week’s tabloids. Gossip Cop looked into the situation and we can set the record straight.

According to Grazia, the actress wants to “purge” her estranged husband from the Bel Air home they once shared, so she hired a person who specializes in removing all traces of an ex from one’s house. A supposed source tells the magazine that Aniston and her “interior therapist” have “been working together for months so Jen can reclaim the space. She’s performing cleansing rituals, introducing new colors and getting rid of anything significant that was decided on as a couple.”

The outlet’s supposed source further contends Theroux left a lot of his belongings behind when he moved out, and Aniston “is increasingly frustrated with Justin for failing to remove his possessions.” “Justin liked to collect unusual antiques, such as vintage medical instruments and oddball movie memorabilia,” adds the questionable tipster. “She entertained it all while they were together, but now that Justin’s out of her life, Jen wants his stuff gone too.” The suspicious insider concludes, “Getting a therapist for the home was all about releasing the past from the present living situation. Jen loved the idea and feels as though she has her own place again.”

The tabloid’s story, which was picked up by the British newspaper, The Times, without any fact-checking, is based on information from an unidentifiable “source.” Conversely, Gossip Cop is told on the record by Aniston’s own spokesperson that it’s “bogus.” Despite what the magazine’s untraceable tipster claims, a rep qualified to speak on the actress’s behalf tells us she hasn’t hired anyone to rid her home of Theroux’s presence.

It’s worth noting how this narrative isn’t particularly original. Last year, RadarOnline falsely claimed Aniston was throwing all of Theroux’s belongings in the trash as part of a “divorce purge.” That story was also based on claims from an anonymous “insider,” but the actress’s rep assured Gossip Cop at the time that it was “complete nonsense.” Shortly afterwards, Heat wrongly reported Aniston was selling her Bel Air home and moving to Ojai, California because she was “haunted by the memory of her estranged husband.” As time has shown, the actress is still living in the house she once shared with Theroux.

In addition to being late to the game, this also isn’t the first time Grazia has made up a story about the actress hiring a professional to oversee her post-split life. Last year, Gossip Cop busted the magazine for falsely claiming Aniston was using a dating coach to find a new boyfriend. This latest article involving the actress’s “interior therapist” is more nonsense.


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