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In the span of just 25 hours, HollywoodLife has flip-flopped in its belief that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux's romance could be "back on." This boomerang type of reporting, however, is quite common for the site, which is often nicknamed HollywoodLies. After Gossip Cop called out the outlet for its inaccurate story on Friday that alleged Aniston and Theroux's "romance might not be entirely over" and "could reignite," the blog did a 180, maintaining there's "no hope whatsoever of Justin and Jen ever getting back together."

HollywoodLies published an article on August 10 that had the headline, "Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux's Subtle Clue That Their Romance Might Not Be Entirely Over." The often discredited site then blathered how there's "one big hint... that their romance could reignite." What was it? Intrusive aerial photos of Aniston's property that the Daily Mail published, showing Theroux's Porsche and Mercedes still in her garage. Thrown in to lend credence that the two stars "might not be entirely over" was a "so-called source close to Theroux," who the site quoted as saying he "fears" he'll never meet another woman like Aniston, and "the more time Justin spends away from Jen... and being single, the more he realizes how incredible he had it" with her.

Fast forward to August 11 when Gossip Cop debunked HollywoodLies and Daily Mail's false narratives about Aniston and Theroux possibly getting back together because his cars were still at her home. Of course, neither outlet applied common sense, such as why would the actor need a car (or two) in New York City, where Theroux is routinely seen on his bike? Or how it's easier to pack bags and ship clothes and other keepsakes from the West Coast to the East Coast than it is to transport two cars.

Irrespective of logic or reasoning, one of the very clear reasons not to believe they "might not be entirely over" is because while his cars may still be under her roof, Aniston and Theroux have not be under the same one since they announced their split in February. And, at the time the photos of her private property were obtained without the actress's permission, Aniston was in Italy filming Murder Mystery with Adam Sandler. In fact, she hasn't been home in weeks since the Netflix production began in Montreal before heading to Italy. In addition, Aniston's rep, who's commissioned to speak on her behalf, told us the Daily Mail and HollywoodLies's speculation was "false," and the couple is not reigniting their relationship. We heard the same from Theroux's camp, too.

Magically, just a few hours after Gossip Cop corrected HollywoodLife's phony claim about how Theroux and Aniston's "romance might not be over," the repeatedly disproven outlet flip-flopped and in a second story nebulously quoted a "source close to Jen" telling the blog, "There's no way these two will reunite romantically." Wait, just 24 hours earlier, the same site said they "could reignite." A cynic might suspect HollywoodLies' "source close to Jen" was actually her rep sharing that information with Gossip Cop hours earlier about their first fabricated story.

HollywoodLife Flip Flop Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux


None of this, however, surprises us. That blog has a rich history of publishing false reports about both Theroux and Aniston. Much like how the current bogus stories were spurred by photos published by the Daily Mail, back in March HollywoodLies, working off pictures of Theroux and Aubrey Plaza hanging out, wrongly declared they were a "new couple."

And in May, Gossip Cop busted the unreliable blog when it contended Aniston was furious about rumors about Theroux dating Selena Gomez. If you want facts, stick with Gossip Cop. But if you want flip-flops, read HollywoodLife or better yet, go to a surf shop.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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