Jennifer Aniston NOT “Heartbroken” Over Justin Theroux “Plans To Move In” With Emma Stone

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Jennifer Aniston Reaction Justin Theroux Emma Stone Moving In

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Jennifer Aniston Reaction Justin Theroux Emma Stone Moving In

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Jennifer Aniston is not “heartbroken” over Justin Theroux’s supposed “plans to move in” with Emma Stone, despite a new report. This story is based on a false premise. Gossip Cop can bust it.

Last week, Life & Style falsely claimed Theroux and Stone are moving in together. A so-called “insider” was quoted as saying, “He told friends he’s moving to LA for a while, and it looks like he’ll be staying at Emma’s house.” Gossip Cop debunked the allegations, and explained why they weren’t true. For starters, the “Maniac” co-stars aren’t a couple. Less than a month ago, Stone herself even told WWD that Theroux is “like my brother.”

A mutual friend of ours and Stone also deemed the tabloid’s story “totally wrong,” and confirmed once again that they are “not romantically involved.” Additionally, it made little sense to allege Theroux wanted to relocate to Los Angeles when part of the reason he and Aniston split was because he preferred to be in New York. But now days after our bust, Celebrity Insider is announcing in a headline, “Jennifer Aniston Is Reportedly Heartbroken Over Justin Theroux’s Plans To Move In With Emma Stone.”

The site contends the actor is “planning to move in with Stone — who lives in Bel Air, not far from Aniston.” Quoting from the magazine’s “insider,” it’s asserted, “Jen’s worst nightmare is about to come true… Jen just can’t seem to catch a break.” Based on this debunked story, the blog maintains “things are heating up between Theroux and Stone,” and that for Aniston, “this could end up being similar to an experience she [had] after her last divorce – avoiding her ex and his new woman on the red carpet and at Hollywood events.”

Contradictorily, however, the website then notes that People has reported Aniston is “moving on with her life and not dwelling on the past.” Then why would Theroux and Stone living together be her “worst nightmare”? Why would she need to “avoid” them at the event? By cobbling together articles from two separate publications (one trusted, one not), Celebrity Insider has what amounts to a wishy-washy and largely inaccurate post.

In fact, the outlet goes on to drag in an entirely unrelated topic, asserting that Aniston is going to be starring in a Netflix “show” with Tig Notaro that will be her “first television project since ‘Friends’ ended in 2004.” This isn’t accurate, either. Aniston and Notaro are starring together in a Netflix feature film, not a series, as reported more than a month ago. Meanwhile, Aniston’s Apple series with Reese Witherspoon, which was announced last year, will mark her return to episodic television.

If the site can’t even get readily-available facts about Aniston’s career right, there’s no reason to trust the blog  knows what it’s talking about when it comes to her love life. And by picking up an already debunked Life & Style article and belatedly spreading its wrong contentions, the website further shows that it’s not credible. The truth is this simple: Theroux and Stone aren’t even dating, much less moving in together, so there’s nothing for Aniston to be “heartbroken” over.


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