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A pair of reports claiming Jennifer Aniston's divorce is getting "ugly" over the return of Justin Theroux's belongings is made-up. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct these stories. We're told it's all "wrong."

The British tabloid Heat got the ball rolling by alleging in a new article that Theroux wants back his "toys," "comic books," moisturizers, and even the nearly 8-carat diamond engagement ring he gave Aniston. The magazine writes that Theroux has been "forced to live the last few months without his trusty Kiehl's products," which are supposedly in Aniston's Bel Air home, and "he's demanding she send it all back asap." The publication even quotes a so-called "insider," who alleges "Justin wants his prized train collection, his stash of Kiehl's... his action-man figures, model airplanes and limited-edition comic books."

The outlet further asserts Aniston is "especially hurt" that Theroux is "demanding she return her $500K engagement ring." "It's getting ugly," says the tabloid's supposed "source." The magazine adds that the actress is "offended" that Theroux is "thinking more about possession than her feelings."

While the tabloid's article is already riddled with errors and untruths, it fully exposes that its story is fabricated when it drags Brad Pitt into its false narrative. The publication writes that even though Aniston is "hurt by Justin's insensitive behavior," Pitt has been "more understanding" and has helped her through the split. The same seemingly fake "insider" contends Pitt has let Aniston "know he's there for her" and he's ready to see where their "journey takes them."

In turn, the National Enquirer picked up part of the British magazine's claims for a piece it titled, "Jennifer Aniston's Divorce Gets Ugly Over 'Selfish' Justin." The supermarket tabloid's article focuses on Theroux being "selfish" for allegedly pressing Aniston to return his possessions, considering how the very wealthy actress "doesn't need the jewelry or Justin's toys." The magazine concludes its report by alleging Theroux just wants to move on and "date again."

When it comes to stories like these, Gossip Cop often has a problem with where to begin because there are so many falsehoods. In no particular order, while Heat seems to maintain that Theroux has had to live the "last few months without his trusty Kiehl's products," there's no proof he actually uses the company's lotions and moisturizers. Irrespective, if the tabloid knew anything about him, it would know Theroux lives exactly half a mile from a Kiehl's store in New York's West Village, and it would take him by foot no longer than 10 minutes to walk there and buy whatever he needed.

Additionally, while Theroux was in the movie The Girl On The Train, there's no indication that he actually collects trains or model airplanes and stored them at Aniston's mansion. More significantly, if the actor wanted certain belongings so badly, he would have taken them back when Theroux and Aniston met up in Los Angeles on Valentine's Day, right before they announced their split. As for Aniston's engagement ring from Theroux, there's no dispute over it because, by law, it belongs to the former "Friends" star. And, of course, the whole narrative about Aniston seeing Pitt now that she's separated has been repeatedly proven to be a lie since they haven't come face-to-face in a very long time.

The Enquirer's similar contention about Theroux hocking Aniston for his belongings is also inaccurate, as noted above. Gossip Cop is not surprised by the falsity of the supermarket tabloid's report since we have habitually been correcting it for a slew of inaccurate tales about the various parties involved. For instance, we busted the magazine when it untruthfully alleged a few days ago that Aniston wants Pitt to be her baby daddy.

We also nailed the outlet when it recently published a fake news story about Aniston turning "to weed" to cope with her split from Theroux. Much like that article (and many others before it), the new claims about Aniston and Theroux's divorce turning "ugly" also go up in smoke. In addition to all the previously mentioned evidence, a source close to Aniston assures Gossip Cop on background the two reports are "wrong."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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