Jennifer Aniston Did NOT Offer Justin Theroux Cash To Keep “Dark Secrets” Quiet, Despite Report

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Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux Cash Secrets

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Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux Cash Secrets

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Jennifer Aniston did not offer Justin Theroux cash to “keep quiet” over “dark secrets,” despite a report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this false story. There was never any discussion of “hush money.”

RadarOnline set the wheels in motion for this narrative exactly a week ago. The website alleged, albeit wrongly, that Theroux was threatening to write a “scathing tell-all” in which he’d reveal Aniston’s “dark secrets.” According to that article, the actor was “warning” his estranged wife that if she chose to fight “dirty,” he’d retaliate with a revealing book. The claims were totally made-up.

Now the site is running a follow-up story, in which it’s claimed Aniston is “preparing” to cut Theroux a check “in return for a clean breakup that will buy his silence forever.” Since there’s currently “nothing to stop” him from “speaking out,” a so-called “source” alleges Aniston “wants to remedy that before it becomes a temptation.” The supposed tipster further contends Aniston believes the money will “give him the chance to start afresh in New York with his new life.” “He doesn’t earn anything near to the lifestyle he’s been living in recent years, so the money is actually pretty well needed,” adds the questionable “source,” even though Theroux and Aniston are estimated to be worth a combined $240 million.

The blog also insists the exes are “said to only be communicating through lawyers and mutual friends.” Actually, it was just reported a few days ago that Aniston and Theroux “still talk all the time.” Not only does that call the online publication’s knowledge into question, but it also means it makes little sense that he would spill her “dark secrets” or that she’d be concerned he’d do so. Though no longer together, all reputable accounts have stressed that things remain amicable between the stars.

The notion that Aniston would need to buy Theroux’s silence, and that he’d even consider spreading negative things about her, is actually illogical. And, as Gossip Cop noted in our previous bust, the outlet has never even indicated what “dark secrets” are supposedly in jeopardy of being publicized. Additionally, a rep for Aniston exclusively tells us about this latest tale, “It is just another fabrication.” It seems the outlet just wants to sensationalize a split that isn’t very sensational at all.

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