Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux NOT Getting Back Together, Despite Claim Romance Isn’t “Over”

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Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux Back Together

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Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux Back Together

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Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are not getting back together, despite claims their romance may not be “entirely over.” This speculation is based on photos that appear to show the actor’s cars in Aniston’s garage. But Gossip Cop has learned that doesn’t mean the exes are calling off their split.

“Is Jennifer Aniston switching gears on her split with Justin?” asks the Daily Mail, which obtained aerial pictures that seem to show his “pricey cars are still parked in the garage of her Bel Air mansion.” Now HollywoodLife is deeming the snapshots to be a “subtle hint that their romance might not be entirely over.” The site asserts that the photos “might fuel rumors that their romance could reignite,” without acknowledging that the blog itself is fueling such rumors with its article.

In fact, it’s because of the website’s story that Celebrity Insider is now asking in a headline, “Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Might Get Back Together?” That article begins, “According to a HollywoodLife report, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux might still reunite! Apparently, there is one important clue that suggests their divorce may not be forever.” The outlet then references the same Daily Mail photos. But beyond those pictures, which don’t show either Aniston or Theroux at the property, none of the publications have any actual proof that the pair could be getting back together.

Instead, HollywoodLife and Celebrity Insider just regurgitate the former’s recently made-up stories about Theroux supposedly “missing” her. What none of the places seem to realize is that even if Theroux’s cars are parked at Aniston’s home, the actress herself isn’t there. Since June, Aniston has been away filming Netflix’s Murder Mystery, first in Montreal and then in Italy. In fact, the Daily Mail itself just published new paparazzi pictures on Saturday of Aniston on set with co-star Adam Sandler.

Clearly, she is not currently in Los Angeles getting back together with Theroux. We also pointed this out earlier this week when the National Enquirer similarly used photos of the actor’s cars to allege Theroux and Aniston were having “secret sleepovers” at her home. Again, she has not been in California for weeks and weeks. But even regardless of Aniston’s whereabouts, she and “The Leftovers” star have no intention of rekindling a romance, anyway.

Indeed, on Friday E! Online took a look at how Theroux’s life has changed since his split with Aniston, and specifically reported, “Justin is living life exactly how he wants to be in New York and has moved on from his L.A. life with Jen.” Gossip Cop also checked in with a rep for Aniston, who is authorized to speak on her behalf, and we’re told speculation about a reunion with Theroux is “false.” That’s the same word a Theroux pal, who did not wish to be identified, used when we investigated his side.


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