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Stories claiming Jennifer Aniston is "devastated" Justin Theroux wants to have a baby with Alexa Chung are not true. While Theroux and Chung recently posed for a picture together, they are not dating, let alone starting a family together. There is nothing for Aniston to be "devastated" over. Gossip Cop can bust the false claims.

The untrue allegations originate with New Idea, which claims that while Aniston is "seeking solace in the arms of ex-husband Brad Pitt," Theroux has "completely fallen" for Chung. According to the tabloid, the purported new couple is "believed to have met through mutual friends last year," but "first sparked speculation of romance when they were spotted together at New York Fashion Week" in February. Indeed, a so-called "source close to Justin" is quoted as saying, "Justin's known Alexa for a while, but sparks flew again at NYFW last month and he leaned on her during his marriage breakdown."

This supposed snitch claims to the gossip magazine that Theroux and Chung became "even closer" in the wake of the actor's separation from Aniston, and now he's "smitten." "While he didn't plan this to happen, things have progressed quickly and they're already planning a vacation and starting a family together," alleges the outlet's dubious insider. The publication further asserts that an "increasingly broody Alexa has even told the actor she's desperate to fall pregnant soon... She's keen to start a family, which Justin has agreed he's committed to."

It all leads the tabloid to speculate, "The baby news will no doubt devastate Jen." The aforementioned "source" even contends of Theroux and Chung, "They've already started trying, so it's only so long before she falls pregnant and Jen finds out." But there's a few telltale signs that these contentions are all bogus. Among the red flags is that the magazine conveniently maintains Theroux won't go "public" with Chung until his divorce from Aniston is finalized.

That's a cover for when Theroux and Chung aren't actually seen engaging in a romance. At the same time, however, the outlet asserts, "Alexa has been spotted visiting 'The Leftovers' star at his Hamptons hideout as he escapes the city in the aftermath of his split from Jennifer." Theroux actually lives in New York City, which is a good two hours away from The Hamptons. Furthermore, a single Theroux is currently in Paris. The only time he and Chung have really been "spotted" together as of late was when Theroux attended the Adam Selman NYFW show nearly a month ago.

Chung happened to be a guest as well, and they innocently posed for a picture together, which is undoubtedly what led to this narrative about the pair dating. And then to make it more scandalous and sensational, the publication concocted the claims about the two having a baby together. The Inquisitr has already fallen for the storyline, announcing on its website, "Jennifer Aniston Reportedly 'Devastated': Justin Theroux Wants Baby With New Girlfriend."

Apparently the blog doesn't remember that back in November, it picked up claims from this same tabloid about Aniston being pregnant with Theroux's baby and possibly adopting as well. Of course, they were never expecting or adopting, as Gossip Cop rightly reported at the time. It was all fabricated allegations that spread from one outlet to another, which is exactly what's going on now. There is zero truth to these claims about Theroux having a baby with Chung. And, for the umpteenth time, Aniston is not back "in the arms" of Pitt, either.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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