Jennifer Aniston Getting Payback On Justin Theroux With Adam Sandler And Netflix?

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Jennifer Aniston Adam Sandler Justin Theroux Netflix

By Andrew Shuster |

Jennifer Aniston Adam Sandler Justin Theroux Netflix

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A tabloid report claiming Jennifer Aniston is getting payback on Justin Theroux by making a Netflix movie with Adam Sandler is completely ridiculous. The bogus article also says that Theroux is furious because his estranged wife’s career is going well. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the story, which is filled with inaccuracies.

An article in the latest issue of Woman’s Day notes that Aniston and Sandler were photographed holding hands in Milan last month while filming the Netflix comedy Murder Mystery, but uses the deceptive headline “More than Friends?” to lure in readers. It’s not until the body of the article that the magazine acknowledges that Sandler is happily married with two kids.

However, the outlet then baselessly speculates that the pictures of Aniston and Sandler are still “sure to rile Theroux” because they suggest that the actress will be “reinstated as the queen of TV.” The unreliable outlet doesn’t realize that Murder Mystery is a movie, not a TV show. The tabloid continues, “Jennifer’s then set to follow up with another series, First Ladies, for the same streaming service.” First Ladies is also a film, not a TV series. The magazine clearly did little research before writing its phony story, and the inaccuracies get even worse from there.

The outlet goes on to write, “It’ll be a blow to Justin, who is still looking for his next big TV role after the demise of his series ‘The Leftovers’ last year.” This is laughably wrong. Theroux is co-starring on the upcoming Netflix series “Maniac” alongside Jonah Hill and Emma Stone. Not only does the actor have another TV role lined up… it’s on Netflix! Still, the insider adds, “Jen has more clout in Hollywood – and she makes it look easy. It’s the ultimate slap in the face.”

In addition the the tabloid’s article being filled with an astounding amount of misinformation, it’s also completely made-up. The story is based on claims from an anonymous and untraceable “source,” but Gossip Cop checked in with Aniston’s rep, who tells us on the record it’s “completely absurd.”

The actress isn’t getting revenge on her estranged husband simply because she’s working for Netflix. In fact, People reported just this week that Aniston “doesn’t even talk about [Theroux] anymore” and “doesn’t keep up with what he does.” Simply put, the actress isn’t using her career as “payback” on her estranged husband. Meanwhile, Woman’s Day has zero clue about Aniston and Theroux’s relationships with Netflix. The actress is making two movies for the service, not TV shows, while the actor has a show premiering later this month.


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