Jennifer Aniston Paying Justin Theroux $5 Million To Stop Tell-All?

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Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux Tell-All

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Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux Tell-All

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Is Jennifer Aniston really paying Justin Theroux $5 million to stop him from writing a tell-all? That’s the latest claim from the tabloids. Gossip Cop can bust the story, and reveal where it really originated.

The new cover of OK! features a teaser announcing, “Jen Betrayed! Justin’s $5 Million Tell-All.” Inside the issue, a headline declares, “Jen’s Divorce Pay-Off.” According to the story, Aniston is “ready to part with millions to ensure” Theroux’s “discretion” in the wake of their February breakup. It’s specifically alleged she is “prepared to hand Justin $5 million — approximately how much he would stand to make from a tell-all — to buy his silence.”

“She wants this quick and clean, which is why she’s feeling so generous,” a so-called “source” is quoted as saying. The magazine floats the unsubstantiated rumor that Aniston and Theroux never really got “hitched in the first place,” allowing them to separate without the assistance of divorce lawyers and “legal complications.” That said, the outlet asserts she “still has reasons for wanting to sign an official agreement.”

Contends the supposed snitch, “She wants a gag order!… Jen values her privacy and is paranoid about her image, especially now after the collapse of another marriage. She knows anything Justin says about her, no matter how innocent, could be turned into something savage.” It is further claimed that, since Aniston and Theroux always maintained their relationship did not begin until after he split from Heidi Bivens, she “wouldn’t want Justin to say anything that could be interpreted as going against that.”

As for Theroux’s perspective, the outlet’s purported tipster alleges he was “mildly offended by the contract” and “has no desire to drag Jen’s name through the mud,” but “everyone expects him to play ball.” Adds this questionable insider, who can’t seem to decide whether the couple is really married or not, “He probably thinks he can get more than $5 million if he pushes back, but Jen wants this over with — and that’s her final offer.”

A spokesperson for Aniston, however, tells Gossip Cop on the record that these claims are “completely absurd and a fabrication.” Theroux’s rep similarly tells us the story is “absurd” and “false.” It is also entirely unoriginal, which further underscores its inaccuracy.

Shortly after the stars split in February, the tabloid’s sister publication, RadarOnline, peddled an article untruthfully contending Theroux was contemplating writing a “scathing tell-all.” Then in March, the site wrongly claimed Aniston was offering him “hush money” to “keep quiet” over “dark secrets.” Now months later, OK! has combined both of those falsehoods into one story.

Meanwhile, no credible media has ever corroborated any of these allegations. And given that this is the same magazine that lied to readers about Aniston being pregnant nearly a year ago, there is no reason to trust this narrative.


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