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Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer are reuniting, reports one of this week's tabloids. But the claim is not true. The two, who split and got back together before breaking up for good in 2009, are not giving it a third try.

According to the latest issue of OK!, Aniston and Mayer recently met up for drinks at the Beverly Hills Hotel, where they had "lots of catching up to do." The outlet further alleges they "covered some heavy ground during their intimate reunion." A so-called "source" is quoted as saying, "John took the chance to confess to Jen, 'I never stopped loving you,'" which the tipster asserts "shook Jen to the core."

The magazine contends that before their rendezvous at the "sceney" bar, Aniston had been blowing up Mayer's phone with texts to "ask how he was or share funny stories." The publication's supposed insider claims Mayer would quickly respond to each of her texts, and they're both "excited... their chemistry is alive and well." After noting now they're both in "different places in their lives" and how the musician has grown up in the near decade since their relationship ended, the tabloid's anonymous "source" maintains Mayer is no longer the "self-involved lothario he used to be" and has "learned about love the hard way."

"Now that he's back in touch with Jen, he's keen to see where this goes," adds the unnamed and untraceable insider. He so committed to reuniting with Aniston, asserts the magazine, that he asked Brad Pitt for his blessing. The questionable "source" claims, "John heard through the rumor mill that Jen and Brad were getting back together... so when he bumped into Brad at a party, John basically asked him for permission to date Jen."

As for Aniston, the unidentifiable tipster concludes, "Jen's always had a soft spot for him and is excited to see where this goes." While this story is all very romantic, none of it is true. Among the red flags this tale is completely phony is the outlet doesn't mention when Mayer and Aniston supposedly got together. And after acknowledging how the bar at the Beverly Hills Hotel is "sceney," the magazine doesn't explain how it's the only outlet in the world to have a "source" who knows about this very high-profile meet-up.

Another tipoff is the bit about Mayer and Pitt. Once again the outlet doesn't say where or when the two ran into each other. Plus, the premise about Aniston and her ex-husband "getting back together" has already been repeatedly debunked, which makes it nearly impossible to believe the tabloid actually has a legitimate "source." Meanwhile, as opposed to the magazine's nameless and possibly fictitious "source," a rep for Aniston says on-the-record the entire narrative about her and Mayer reuniting is 100 percent wrong.

Interestingly, the same tabloid has been making up tales about the exes rekindling for years. Back in 2010, Gossip Cop busted OK! when it ran cover story claiming Aniston was "back" with Mayer, and the two were "giving their love another try." We corrected the same outlet two years later when it again falsely alleged Aniston was reuniting with Mayer after hearing his song, "Shadow Days," which was reportedly about her.

The publication hasn't gotten much better with its recent reporting about the former "Friends" star either. This past May, for example, the tabloid splashed on its cover that Aniston was pregnant with Pitt's baby. It tried the same bogus narrative again three months later with yet another cover about how Aniston and Pitt were going to make a "baby announcement." Much like those stories and many others, the current one about Aniston reuniting with Mayer is also untrue.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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