Jennifer Aniston, John Mayer Back Together?

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Jennifer Aniston John Mayer Back Together

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Jennifer Aniston John Mayer Back Together

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Are Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer back together? A new report claims the exes are dating again. Gossip Cop, however, can exclusively debunk the story.

This narrative is being sold on the new cover of NW, and inside its pages, with a photo deception. The tabloid features what appears to be a picture of Aniston and Mayer out together, and fans are led to believe it’s proof they’ve recently been going on “dates.” In actuality, the image of Aniston is from a dinner date with Justin Theroux last July. The actor was digitally removed from the photo, and Mayer was photoshopped into the frame. Because the magazine doesn’t have real proof that he and Aniston have reconciled, it is trying to dupe readers with an altered snapshot.

Meanwhile, in the article it’s alleged Aniston and Mayer are “toying with giving [their] romance another shot” and have been going on a “string of dinner dates” after he “reached out” following her separation from Theroux. “John saw what she’s been going through in the wake of her split from Justin and her ups and downs with Brad [Pitt], and figured she might like someone to take her mind off it all,” a so-called “insider” is quoted as saying. The outlet’s supposed source claims Mayer was “terrified” to make his move, given their messy history, and that Aniston’s friends were “flabbergasted” upon learning the exes were back in touch.

“Jen is telling [her pals] that she feels nothing for him anymore and is just enjoying the attention and his good company,” contends the alleged tipster, who goes on to assert, “Everyone else around her seems to be having fun… so she doesn’t see why she shouldn’t casually date as well.” In fact, the publication maintains Aniston is “ensuring she doesn’t put all her eggs in one basket” and recently “shared a dinner” with Jake Gyllenhaal. Of course, Gossip Cop already busted claims that Aniston is moving on with Gyllenhaal.

As for spending time with Mayer, it’s alleged he and Aniston “were spied at L.A.’s Soho House.” Yet no specific date is given, and a simple Google search shows Aniston hasn’t been spotted at Soho House in years. Furthermore, the notion that she’s stepped out in public for a “string of dinner dates” with Mayer but has not been photographed is improbable and far-fetched. The “Friends” star is followed by paparazzi whenever she goes out. Indeed, Aniston was just seen on a girls night out with Courteney Cox and Ellen DeGeneres last week. But there are no new shots of her with Mayer, which is why the tabloid is relying on the aforementioned photo deception to sells its unsubstantiated narrative.

It should also be noted that while the magazine is claiming she wants to “casually date,” People has already reported that Aniston “isn’t a fan” of dating and hasn’t been “looking forward to dating again.” In contrast, NW is the same outlet that tried to trick fans into thinking Aniston and Pitt eloped in Paris in March, something that isn’t even mentioned in this new tale about reconciling with Mayer. From all of this, it should be apparent these new allegations are contradictory, unsupported and bogus. And while reps for both Aniston and Mayer declined to comment, a confidante who knows both parties exclusively tells Gossip Cop on background that it’s “totally untrue” they’re rekindling a romance.


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