Jennifer Aniston Did Not ‘Jet Away’ To New York ‘After Failing To Rekindle With Brad Pitt’

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Jennifer Aniston Rekindled Brad Pitt

By Michael Lewittes |

Jennifer Aniston Rekindled Brad Pitt

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Jennifer Aniston did not “jet away” to New York “after failing to rekindle with Brad Pitt,” despite yet another made-up story attempting to tie the actress to her ex-husband. Gossip Cop can correct this latest manufactured claim. It appears RadarOnline, which has published a number of provably untrue stories about Aniston, was looking for a new angle after buying photos of her coming off a private jet at the Van Nuys Airport on Friday.

But the article itself has nothing new to offer and is filled with falsehoods. Alongside a series of photos of Aniston arriving back in Los Angeles and being greeted by friends at the airport, the website states that the actress has been “trying to win back husband Justin Theroux after failing to rekindle with Brad Pitt, her first husband.” From there, the blog adds the equally unrelated, “Pitt has fallen head over heels in love with MIT professor Neri Oxman, leaving Jennifer to cool her heels after her marriage to Theroux collapsed.”

Then, in yet another non sequitur, the site notes that before returning to California, Aniston was “spotted out and about in New York dining at Nello’s restaurant.” The website even speculates without any proof whatsoever that while in New York she “met up” Theroux. It ends its all-over-the-place article by pointing out how “pleased” Aniston was to see her friends back in Los Angeles after getting off her private jet.

Since there’s so much wrong with the outlet’s report, and it’s difficult to know where to start when disproving the disjunctive story, we’ll attempt to follow the order of the article’s claims. Contrary to the blog’s contention, Aniston has not tried to rekindle with Pitt. In fact, it’s been widely reported that far from reuniting, Pitt and Aniston haven’t seen one another in a very long time. Nor is Aniston trying to “win back” Theroux, a false narrative Gossip Cop has already busted. The reality is Aniston has been moving on from her estranged husband.

That’s followed by more misinformation about Pitt having “fallen head over heels in love” with Oxman. While Pitt and the MIT professor have spent time together, what they have is no more than what’s been described as a “professional friendship.” Additionally, Pitt’s rep confirmed to Gossip Cop that they are not dating.

After noting that Aniston had dinner at “Nello’s” (it’s actually just called “Nello”), the outlet asserts that Theroux and Aniston “met up” in New York. But the blog has no proof whatsoever to back that up, and not surprisingly it doesn’t offer any details about when, where, or even why they allegedly got together. Oddly, this is all coming from the same site that has linked the “Leftovers” star to whomever he’s been photographed with. Just the other day, it wrongly claimed Theroux was having a “fling” with model Erika Cardenas, but People accurately reported there’s “no romantic relationship” between the two gym buddies. His rep also confirmed to Gossip Cop it’s “false.”

To recap, the photos the online outlet bought of Aniston coming off a jet have nothing to do with the bogus narrative about her “failing to rekindle” with Pitt. And its accompany text has nothing to do with Aniston’s reality. The Daily Mail bought the same pictures of Aniston being greeted by friends at the airport and didn’t mention Pitt at all and Theroux only once in the context of her recent “split.” Basically, the RadarOnline article is one phony premise after another.


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