Jennifer Aniston NOT “Jealous” Of Selena Gomez, Despite Ridiculous Claim

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Jennifer Aniston Selena Gomez

By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Aniston Selena Gomez

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Jennifer Aniston is not “jealous” of Selena Gomez, contrary to a ridiculous claim. Gossip Cop can bust this absurd report. We’re told it’s “laughable.”

A purported “insider” claims to In Touch that Aniston is “wary” of husband Justin Theroux’s “flirty friendship” with Gomez. The tabloid notes the couple has been friends with Gomez for years, since she and Aniston share a manager, but alleges Aniston and Theroux just had a dust-up over the singer-actress. Asserts the magazine’s supposed source, “Justin follows Selena on Instagram and recently liked a sultry photo she posted.”

Aniston was “furious when she found out,” maintains the publication. The outlet’s alleged tipster goes on to claim, “She passive-aggressively asked him why he liked Selena’s photo, but Justin didn’t take the bait.” The tabloid stops short of suggesting something romantic is actually brewing between Theroux and Gomez, with its “insider” pointing out she’s “young enough to be his daughter.”

Still, the magazine’s snitch insists Aniston has “irrational jealousy fears” over the younger star. What’s truly irrational, however, is In Touch wanting readers to believe a star of Aniston’s caliber feels threatened by Gomez. They are both A-list celebrities in their own right, and not remotely in competition with one another, professionally or personally.

What’s more is Gossip Cop is told by a reputable source that the notion Theroux and Gomez have a “flirty friendship” is “laughable.” They really only know each other through Aniston, and the tabloid also conveniently fails to mention Gomez is currently involved with The Weeknd. This false narrative is just part of the publication’s attempt at painting Aniston as insecure, after claiming she was upset by Theroux’s sex scenes in “The Leftovers.” As Gossip Cop previously noted, a rep exclusively told us that tale was a “complete fabrication.”

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