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Is Jennifer Aniston "moving on" with Jake Gyllenhaal? A report claims a "romance" may be blossoming between the former co-stars. Gossip Cop, however, can debunk the story and set the record straight.

Aniston and Gyllenhaal famously starred together in the 2002 movie The Good Girl. Now roughly 16 years later, Closer maintains they may be embarking on a relationship after they "enjoyed a cozy dinner date in New York last week." A so-called "source" is quoted as saying, "Jen admitted how good it felt to have some male attention after months of feeling lonely" following her split from Justin Theroux.

"It's no secret Jake's always adored Jen and the feeling is very mutual, but there's never been a right time," continues the tabloid's supposed snitch. The alleged tipster, however, goes on to contend, "Jake reached out after Jen's split and said he'd love to meet up when she was next in New York, so Jen took him up on it." It's said the pair was "spotted together" at Nello, a restaurant in Manhattan.

The outlet also asserts Aniston "rekindled her friendship" with Brad Pitt "after her separation," but is "looking forward to a new romance." And that's where Gyllenhaal supposedly comes in. Claims the purported insider, "Jen really likes Jake and is keen to see how things progress." But this article is based on a false premise, one that Gossip Cop already debunked.

Woman's Day was the first to allege that Aniston and Gyllenhaal were caught on a "secret date," a claim that was 100 percent wrong. Aniston was indeed spotted at Nello in NYC on April 24, but she went during the day for lunch. There was no "cozy dinner" with Gyllenhaal, who wasn't in attendance at all. In fact, he wasn't even in the state. A rep for the actor confirmed to Gossip Cop that on the day in question, Gyllenhaal was in Los Angeles shooting the Netflix film, Velvet Buzzsaw.

These "romance rumors" are based on a date and a sighting that never happened, according to photo evidence and Gyllenhaal's own spokesperson. There's other falsehoods in this new story as well. While this outlet alleges the actress is "looking forward to a new romance," the far more reliable People has actually reported that Aniston "isn't a fan of dating" and is "not looking forward to dating again." While it's likely she'll date someone new eventually, she certainly isn't "moving on" with Gyllenhaal at this time.

Additionally, the publication claims Aniston and Pitt "rekindled" a "friendship" after she and Theroux separated earlier this year. But it was actually reported approximately 11 months prior that Aniston and Pitt were in contact, in March of 2017. Her breakup with Theroux didn't happen until February of 2018, so the magazine has its sequence of events all wrong. Of course, there's nothing romantic going on with the exes regardless, as Gossip Cop has reported several times, even though Closer previously claimed Aniston and Pitt might be on their way to a "fairy tale ending." It's readily apparent the outlet's reporting on the "Friends" star is far from accurate.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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