Jennifer Aniston, Jake Gyllenhaal Date Set Up By Reese Witherspoon?

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Jennifer Aniston Jake Gyllenhaal Reese Witherspoon

By Andrew Shuster |

Jennifer Aniston Jake Gyllenhaal Reese Witherspoon

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Reese Witherspoon didn’t set up Jennifer Aniston and Jake Gyllenhaal on a date, despite a bogus tabloid report. The story is based on a false premise that Gossip Cop already debunked. We can once again set the record straight.

Last week, Woman’s Day wrongly reported that Aniston and Gyllenhaal, who co-starred together in the 2002 movie The Good Girl, had a “secret dinner date” in late April at the New York City restaurant Nello’s. There was one major problem with the tabloid’s article. Gyllenhaal was in Los Angeles shooting his upcoming movie Velvet Buzzsaw at the time the date was said to have taken place. The actor’s own spokesperson confirmed to Gossip Cop that he wasn’t in New York in late April and never met Aniston for dinner.

A few days later, Gossip Cop called out Closer for publishing a phony follow-up article. The untrustworthy tabloid falsely claimed Aniston was “moving on” Gyllenhaal following their supposed rendezvous, which as we established, never even happened. Now, another unreliable publication is putting its own spin on this made-up narrative.

The latest issue of OK! insists that Witherspoon is responsible for Aniston and Gyllenhaal’s (nonexistent) date. Witherspoon, who dated the actor in the mid-2000s, is said to have connected him with Aniston because she knows “he likes the older ladies.” An alleged insider tells the magazine, “Reese loves to play matchmaker. It’s no secret Jake’s always adored Jen and the feeling is very mutual.”

The outlet further contends that Aniston and Gyllenhaal’s date “went better than matchmaker Reese could’ve hoped.” The seemingly made-up source adds, “Jen really likes Jake and is keen to see how things progress.” But the only thing progressing is this series of new spins on an old and untrue article. Witherspoon didn’t orchestrate a date that never occurred. This latest take on the subject is provably untrue and based entirely in fiction.

Oddly enough, this isn’t the first time Gossip Cop has had to debunk a story about Witherspoon intervening in Aniston’s personal life. We recently busted a false report about the actress convincing her friend to make peace with Angelina Jolie. Meanwhile, some tabloids opt to create fake tension between Aniston and Witherspoon. Gossip Cop recently called out a magazine for making up a story about the actresses fighting over equal pay for their upcoming Apple TV series. It seems Witherspoon has been roped into the fictional storyline involving Aniston and Gyllenhaal simply because she’s close friends with actress and used to date the actor.


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