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Jennifer Aniston may just own the world record for most bogus tabloid stories. For over 20 years, she’s had thousands of articles with her name on them. One common story is her plan to do some sort of tell-all interview. Here are some phony stories about Aniston planning a tell-all that Gossip Cop has shut down.

Is Jennifer Aniston Planning A Tell-All About Her Divorces?

"Jen Finally Talks” claimed OK! in a cover story about the Friends star preparing to bare her soul. An unnamed “source” had apparently spilled that Aniston was “gearing up to sit down for the tell-all interview the world’s waiting for.” This anonymous source explains, “Jen has a lot to gain from this interview,” where she’s set to talk about her two divorces.

Of course, this wasn't true. Gossip Cop spoke to Aniston’s spokesperson, who said the actress “has never planned, nor does she currently have plans” for a memoir or a tell-all interview.

Now is a good time to talk about how we knew this was bogus before getting confirmation from the rep. The tabloid doesn’t say where Aniston would do the interview or when. To this point, Aniston has never done one of these interviews, so why would she do one now? If it’s going to be a TV interview, then it would likely be scheduled by a TV network eager to promote the event. Without those details, the story is almost certainly bogus.

What exactly would Aniston have to actually gain by divulging deeply personal reasons why her second marriage didn’t work out? Aniston continues to be one of Hollywood’s most well-liked and well-paid actresses. She’s doing just fine with her private life staying private, and no tell-all interview would change that.

Aniston To Release A Tell-All Book?

This tell-all article is just a few days old from Us Weekly. However, this time it’s a book, not a TV interview. Yet another anonymous insider claimed that Aniston “won’t hold anything back when she writes her book.” This would include, you guessed it, details on her split from Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux, so it’s the same old story.

Gossip Cop debunked this story, too. We got word from Aniston’s rep, who again told us, “She is not writing a memoir.” To make matters worse, this tabloid also reached out to Aniston’s official spokesperson and “purposefully did not include” the denial. Who needs truth when you have the story, huh?

Jennifer Aniston And Brad Pitt Planning A TV Tell-All?

You should know this by heart now. OK! yet again claimed that a tell-all is coming soon, only this time Pitt and Aniston would sit down together. An unknown source apparently told this tabloid, “They’re older and more relaxed about discussing their personal lives.”

The former spouses have become much friendlier as time has passed since their split, and while they're probably more relaxed about such conversations, that does not mean there’s some secret tell-all in the works. Gossip Cop debunked this story for the same reasons it debunked the others — there’s just no such interview in the works.

And Yet Another Pitt/Aniston Tell-All

Hey, doesn’t this one sound familiar? NW is the culprit this time, as it reported that Pitt and Aniston will be doing a sit down TV interview. Once again, the two are described as being more mature and “more relaxed about discussing their personal lives.” An anonymous insider claims the two would like to clear the air publicly.

It wasn’t true when the other tabloids reported it, and it is still not true here. Gossip Cop reached out to both Pitt’s rep and Aniston’s rep and got confirmation from both that the story was false. It’s important to be wary of any tabloid tell-all story, and always check back with Gossip Cop for the real stories.


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