Jennifer Aniston NOT Doing Interview About Justin Theroux On ‘Ellen DeGeneres,’ Despite Claim

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Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux Interview

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Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux Interview

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Jennifer Aniston is not planning a “special interview” on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” to talk about her split from Justin Theroux and alleged relationship with Brad Pitt, despite a reheated fabricated claim. Gossip Cop can again correct this falsehood. We’re told it’s “made-up.”

The untrue assertions can be found in latest issue of Closer, which states in a headline, “Jen’s TV Confession: ‘She’ll Be Open About Her And Brad’s Relationship.'” In the actual article, the gossip magazine quotes a so-called “source” as saying, “Jen’s in a much stronger place now and is ready to address everything that happened between her and Justin.” The supposed tipster adds, “They both tried to fight for their marriage, but she plans to reveal details that will shock fans.”

The outlet’s purported “insider” goes on to maintain that during the proposed interview with DeGeneres, Aniston will talk about how she and Theroux “secretly separated just a year into their marriage” and “the months of therapy they had.” The tabloid further contends that the former “Friends” star will “set the record straight” about her “reunion” with Pitt. “Jen will be very honest about her relationship with Brad and how he’s been her rock in the wake of her split,” concludes the publication’s highly suspect “source.”

Closer’s latest article report bears a striking resemblance to another story Gossip Cop recently debunked, which was published by Woman’s Day New Zealand. Both outlets are owned by the Bauer Media Group. In that nearly identical tale, it was also alleged Aniston was doing a tell-all interview on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” about Pitt and Theroux. In that report, with slightly varied quotations from an unnamed “source,” it was specifically claimed Aniston wanted to “address those persistent Brad reunion stories and tell the truth about her split.”

As we previously noted, it’s likely Aniston will eventually discuss the end of her marriage to Theroux. Obviously, she can’t ignore the subject for the rest of her life. But there are absolutely no plans right now for her to appear on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” to bare all about her ex and estranged husbands in a televised interview.

While the tabloids hide behind untraceable and non-transparent sources, a spokesperson for Aniston assured Gossip Cop on the record that the claim was “made-up [garbage].” Irrespective of how often a lie is regurgitated, it is still untrue.

And the assertion that Pitt “has been her rock in the wake of the split” is also a total fabrication. In fact, People reported earlier this year that Aniston and Pitt “haven’t seen each other in ages.” Actually, the newly estranged spouses anticipated their split would create a cottage industry of false reports. When announcing their separation, Theroux and Aniston stated, “Whatever else is printed about us that is not directly from us, is someone else’s fictional narrative.” And indeed, the Closer article is filled with fiction.


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