Jennifer Aniston NOT Building $1 Million Health Club & Spa In Home, Despite Report

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Jennifer Aniston health club

By Michael Lewittes |

Jennifer Aniston health club

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Jennifer Aniston is not building a $1 million health club and spa in her Los Angeles home, despite a newly published report. Gossip Cop looked into the claim first made by the National Enquirer, and it’s 100 percent not true.

According to the supermarket tabloid, Aniston is having an entire wing of her house “converted to include a massage room, sauna, steam room, heart-shaped hot tub with a built-in stereo, a gym with 20 pieces of equipment, and a yoga and Pilates studio.” But wait, there’s more! The magazine adds that there’s “even a skin care zone, plus a relaxation room with a couch for therapy sessions.”

So, why is Aniston allegedly building a spa and health club on her property? The Enquirer says the actress is “obsessed” with pampering herself and beauty treatments. Of course, this is the same magazine that made up stories about Aniston wanting to have a televised “curse off” with Angelina Jolie, getting a facelift for George Clooney’s wedding (which she didn’t even attend), and ordering Justin Theroux into therapy. See a trend here? Not one claim made by the tabloid was or is true.

If nothing else, the Enquirer is consistent or more accurately, consistently wrong. And the tabloid hasn’t broken its streak either with its latest claim about Aniston building a $1 million health club and spa on her property. It, too, is wholly untrue. We particularly like the detail about a cheesy “heart-shaped hot tub.” Anyway, a rep for Aniston tells Gossip Cop exclusively that the Enquirer’s story is entirely “false.” Maybe the Enquirer should build its own health club, because the magazine’s reporting definitely needs to shape up.


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