Jennifer Aniston NOT Helping Brad Pitt With Career, Despite Report

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Jennifer Anisiton Brad Pitt Career

By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Anisiton Brad Pitt Career

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Jennifer Aniston is NOT helping Brad Pitt with his career, despite a sensational report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the unsubstantiated story.

“Angelina Who? Jennifer Aniston Takes Brad Pitt Back,” reads an extremely misleading headline from RadarOnline. According to a purported “exclusive” from the disreputable webloid, “Jennifer Aniston is going out of her way to help her ex-hubby Brad Pitt rebuild his life — both personally and professionally.” A so-called “insider” is quoted as saying, “Jen’s slowly accepting him back into her circle and he’s incredibly grateful.”

“Jen feels sorry for how ‘that woman’ is treating him,” the site’s alleged source goes on to claim. “She would never take him back, but she does miss his professional take on things. They were once a formidable producing partnership.”

To be clear: The headline of this article says “Jennifer Aniston Takes Brad Pitt Back,” while the “insider” asserts, “She would never take him back.” And after contending that Aniston is “going out of her way to help” Pitt “professionally,” the bad blog never provides any evidence to back that allegation. That’s likely because this piece was probably made up.

Gossip Cop confirmed Aniston and Pitt are talking again, and RadarOnline wanted to appear in-the-know, too, hence this “exclusive.” But the dubious online publication is once again exclusively wrong. A rep for the actress tells Gossip Cop the claim she’s helping her ex-husband with his career is “nonsense.”

It was also nonsense last fall when RadarOnline falsely claimed Pitt’s parents were reaching out to Aniston and wrongly alleged Aniston and Justin Theroux were divorcing over Pitt. Remember that the next time you see one of the webloid’s “exclusives.”

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