Jennifer Aniston In Harper’s Bazaar: Marriage Is “Not Much Different”

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Jennifer Aniston Harper's Bazaar March 2016

By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Aniston Harper's Bazaar March 2016

(Harper’s Bazaar)

Jennifer Aniston opens up about her marriage to Justin Theroux, aging, selfies, and more in the April 2016 edition of Harper’s Bazaar, which is the “Summer Fashion Issue.”

“Married life is so normal and fun and not much different,” Aniston says of being wed to Theroux. “We felt married for so long.” The actress’ interview was conducted at their Los Angeles home, but the actor was in New York to shoot The Girl On The Train. “As they say in the business, ‘He’s on fire.’ I’m so proud of him,” she says.

The interviewer notes in the cover story that Theroux’s presence in the home is heavily felt despite his physical absence, revealing, “Pictures of him and Aniston cover the walls, as do photos of the dogs and of Aniston with friends like BFF Courteney Cox.”

It’s those very things that have Aniston being extra-selective when it comes to choosing projects these days. “I really have to love something to be leaving my home, my dogs, my husband. The older you get, the more you realize that,” she explains. The star admits that “some of the movies I’ve made, I bow my head in slight shame over,” but she also wants to be given more unique opportunities.

“People forget who actors are. They say, ‘You’re too known to play that part. You can’t disappear.’ And we’re like, ‘Give us a chance. We’ll disappear,'” she argues. Of course, age is known to be an issue in Hollywood, too, but the 47-year-old Aniston is embracing getting older.

She tells the magazine, “There’s a steadiness, for sure, but also this desire to peel away more. You know, like ‘F*ck it.’ [Laughing] What’s a more graceful term?” Aniston goes on to share, “I feel better in my 40s. Not only do you feel better in your body physically, but you’re mentally better. Because, say, in your 20s, you didn’t know sh*t. For me, in my 30s I was just trying to figure it all out. Then when you hit 40, you’re like, ‘Oh, okay. I got this.’

The former “Friends” star further reveals, “I had somebody say to me, ‘Women these days in their 40s look pretty good!’ And this was a much older person. I mean, who says that?” But while Aniston is fine with the changing times, there’s still one recent trend that makes her hesitant: social media.

As Gossip Cop has reported, Theroux joined Instagram last year, but rarely posts about his life with Aniston. “We work so hard to maintain some sort of life and privacy. Why would we intentionally put ourselves out there?” she asks. Of taking selfies, Aniston says, “It’s like you’re on TV or on a movie screen. They see you, hold their phone right up to your face, and take a picture. I’m like, I’m standing right here with a pulse! It’s sweet, though, just… different.”

Social media is also how some celebs run into trouble these days with some questionable statements. Aniston opines, “Man, I think everyone’s so freakin’ politically correct lately. It’s becoming a real drag. I like making jokes.” It’s a good thing she has Theroux then.

“I’m lucky because Justin is the funniest person I’ve met, and we make each other laugh,” she adds. Laughter is one of the great keys to staying youthful.” The full issue with Aniston’s cover story will hit newsstands on March 22.


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