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Does Jennifer Aniston really have a five-part plan to find happiness before her 50th birthday? That's the premise of a new tabloid story. As nice as it sounds, Gossip Cop can bust it.

According to Heat, as Aniston "races to make the most of her last remaining months as a fortysomething," she's also "gone a step further, creating a five-point plan to ensure she's living her best life, which means a new look and a new man." The magazine contends the actress has five things on her "to-do list" for her milestone birthday next year: "1. Get an even hotter bod. 2. No more artsy men — date a doctor. 3. Explore creative side. 4. Do more for [charity]. 5. Go on a silent retreat."

"Jen isn't messing around. She's revisited her life plan and broken down exactly how she's going to find happiness over the next year," a so-called "insider" is quoted as saying. Asserts this untraceable source, "First up, that means getting in the best shape of her life. She's hired a new trainer... to kick her butt and make her look even more phenomenal." Actually, her work with Leyon Azubuike isn't "new." Aniston revealed in her InStyle cover story earlier this month that she started working with him "last year." The outlet is wrongly making it seem like this is a sudden development as part of this alleged "plan."

The publication next maintains Aniston will be "bringing romance back into her life," and has "told friends she's ready to date again" after separating from Justin Theroux earlier this year. "Jen's asked friends to set her up with people they trust," claims the purported tipster, who further alleges Aniston wants to meet "potential partners in group settings" and "date outside her comfort zone" by pursuing a doctor instead of "artsy guys, like Justin." But in June, the tabloid suggested (albeit wrongly) that Aniston was rekindling a connection with Brad Pitt, who supposedly wanted her to meet his kids.

The magazine goes on to contend Aniston's "career is also getting an overhaul." Offers the alleged snitch, "She wants to do some creative projects of her own in the coming year." Nothing is said about Aniston and Pitt reuniting for a romantic comedy, which is what the outlet said they were "seriously considering" doing late last month. The publication also doesn't acknowledge that Aniston will be spending this fall filming her new TV show, as her spokesperson recently confirmed to Gossip Cop. And as reported nearly a year ago, Aniston is executive producing the Apple series, and has an ownership stake as well. Surely that already counts as doing a "creative project of her own."

After those flubs, the tabloid and its "insider" insist the "last thing on Jen's list" is attending a "week-long silent retreat" when she finishes filming Murder Mystery. "She wants to be alone with her thoughts and feelings, to realign her place in the universe." But what happened to Aniston moving to Ojai? That was the storyline peddled by the magazine almost exactly two months ago.

In sum, there are two distinct sets of problems with this new narrative: Half of the claims are inconsistent with what Heat has alleged in the past, and half of the claims can be countered by factual reporting from elsewhere. In other words, it's entirely evident this story is bogus. Aniston's rep even tells Gossip Cop that it's "all nonsense." Perhaps the outlet should work on its own "five-point plan" for better reporting.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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