Jennifer Aniston, Amy Schumer, Julianne Moore And More Celebrities Join Campaign To End Gun Violence (VIDEO)

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Jennifer Aniston Celebrities End Gun Violence

By Andrew Shuster |

Jennifer Aniston Celebrities End Gun Violence


Jennifer Aniston, Amy Schumer, Julianne Moore and a number of other celebrities have teamed up with President Obama and the gun control advocacy group Everytown for Gun Safety to help put an end to gun violence. Watch the campaign video below.

Everytown released a new video titled “We Can End Gun Violence,” which features a slew of stars, along with mothers of shooting victims and survivors of gun violence, repeating those five words. Among the celebrity participants are Michael J. Fox, Sarah Silverman, Kevin Bacon, Sofia Vergara, Adam Scott, Amanda Peet, Nathan Lane, Ed O’Neill, Olivia Munn, Laura Dern, Melissa Joan Hart, Spike Lee, Ty Burrell, Nick Offerman, Megan Mullally and Debra Messing.

The purpose of the campaign is to rally American citizens to speak out against gun violence, as well as implore lawmakers to address gun safety and enforce stronger gun laws. The campaign launches just days before the three-year anniversary of the Sandy Hook school shooting and nearly a week after the mass shooting in San Bernardino, California.

This weekend, nearly 100 cities across the country will host “Orange Walks,” an event that has supporters of gun violence prevention walk together to honor shooting victims and survivors.

Watch Everytown’s “We Can End Gun Violence” video below, and tell Gossip Cop what you think of the movement.


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