Jennifer Aniston NOT “Having A Girl,” Despite Report

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Jennifer Aniston Girl Baby September 2016

By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Aniston Girl Baby September 2016


Jennifer Aniston is NOT “having a girl,” despite a new tabloid cover story about her supposed “IVF miracle” with Justin Theroux. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the report.

The claims are splashed across the cover of this week’s OK!. “Yes, It’s True!” reads one of the lines, while another says, “Jen: I’m Having A Girl.” Well, it’s not true, and Aniston never said that.

Still, it’s asserted inside the magazine, “After years of speculation about whether she’d have children, sources say Jennifer Aniston is finally expecting!” A photo of Aniston’s mid-section is even captioned, “Baby or burger? Jen would like you to believe the latter, but a source claims otherwise!” One such “source” is quoted as telling the outlet, “There were whispers in her circle for months on end that they had been pursuing IVF, with no luck.”

But now, claims the supposed snitch, “The buzz is that the last cycle finally took, and she is about three months along now, carrying a girl!” So, why isn’t the alleged news public? The tipster conveniently claims, “Anyone in her shoes would want to wait several months, until she starts really showing, to say anything publicly.”

In the meantime, though, the tabloid alleges Aniston has already “told longtime bestie Courteney Cox to prepare for godmother duties, and as word has traveled through her inner circle, she even received flowers and a gorgeous and pricey custom crib from ex Brad [Pitt]!” Right. Of course, this isn’t the first time OK! has claimed Aniston is expecting.

In fact, as seen in the gallery below, there’s been a slew of times the magazine has run cover stories about the star having twins. If that were true, she’d have a whole football team’s worth of kids by now. But it’s never been true, and this new “having a girl” claim isn’t either. A rep for Aniston denies she is pregnant, exclusively telling Gossip Cop, “They are deplorable and once again are misleading their readers.”

It’s also worth noting that Gossip Cop got wind that OK! was working on such an IVF “miracle baby” cover story about a supposedly pregnant Aniston back in June. At the time, we were told by Theroux’s rep that the magazine just “won’t let it go.” Sadly, that’s still the case.


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