Jennifer Aniston Did NOT “Turn To Ex” Gerard Butler Amid “Marriage Meltdown”

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Jennifer Aniston Gerard Butler Relationship

By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Aniston Gerard Butler Relationship

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Jennifer Aniston did not “turn to ex” Gerard Butler amid a supposed “marriage meltdown,” despite reports. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the untrue stories. For starters, the actor isn’t even Aniston’s “ex.”

RadarOnline wrongly calls Butler the actress’s “ex-boyfriend” in an article that alleges Justin Theroux might be “replaced.” A so-called “source” is quoted as saying “Jen has been leaning hard on Gerard” as her relationship with Theroux “continues to disintegrate.” The site never says what exactly is problematic with Aniston’s marriage, but its insider maintains, “Jen has turned to Gerard to fill the void left by Justin.”

The blog goes on to bring up Butler recently declaring Aniston a better kisser than Angelina Jolie during a January appearance on “Watch What Happens Live.” The aforementioned “source” claims it was “no coincidence” that “Gerard made a public display of affection and loyalty toward her” at the same time Aniston’s marriage is allegedly “imploding.” The purported tipster even claims the “Friends” star was “really touched that Gerard is proving he has her back.”

What’s more is that it’s further alleged Aniston and Butler actually “reconnected a few months ago” and have been “flirting with a reunion for a while.” The outlet’s alleged snitch asserts, “Gerard told Jen he’s still carrying a torch for her [and] made it clear… he’s ready to commit to her.” The National Enquirer is running a virtually identical story in its latest issue, but goes ever farther with a headline that exclaims, “Jen Dumping Justin For Gerard!”

And unsurprisingly, a number of copy-and-paste websites, including The Inquisitr and Celebrity Insider, are regurgitating the claims. But instead of spreading questionable information, Gossip Cop chose to investigate and fact-check. Now a Butler confidante exclusively tells us there’s no truth to talk of a romance with Aniston. Regardless of the state of her marriage, we’re assured she has not been “turning” to him for any comfort.

As for their history, the gossip media has been falsely linking Aniston and Butler as a couple since their time working on the 2010 movie, The Bounty Hunter. But in 2009, even before the film came out, Butler himself denied he was dating Aniston, something he also personally told Gossip Cop at a screening for The Bounty Hunter. They never embarked on a relationship afterward and they still aren’t now. All of the outlets referring to him as an “ex” and alleging something is currently blossoming are simply wrong.

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The Mirror

Jennifer Aniston turns to hunky ex Gerard Butler for comfort after Justin Theroux split.

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Jennifer Aniston turned to ex Gerard Butler amid a marriage meltdown.

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National Enquirer

Jennifer Aniston is dumping Justin Theroux for Gerard Butler.

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Celebrity Insider

Jennifer Aniston reconnected with ex Gerard Butler.

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The Inquisitr

Jennifer Aniston is turning to an ex.

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