Jennifer Aniston Convincing “Friends” Cast To Do Reunion?

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Jennifer Aniston Friends Cast

By Andrew Shuster |

Jennifer Aniston Friends Cast

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Has Jennifer Aniston been trying to convince her “Friends” co-stars to do a reunion show? That’s the claim in one of this week’s tabloids. Gossip Cop looked into the situation and we can exclusively set the record straight.

According to NW, a “Friends” reunion “could be just days away from being announced” as Aniston has supposedly been rallying the cast to get back together. An alleged insider tells the magazine that Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow were initially reluctant to the idea, “but Jen’s talked them around.” The supposed source adds, “Jen’s got a good eye for projects and knows nostalgia is the in thing right now with audiences.”

Meanwhile, Matt LeBlanc recently announced he’s leaving the BBC automobile series “Top Gear” after his fourth season wraps later this year. The tabloid speculates the actor will be more interested in a “Friends” reunion now that he’ll be returning to Los Angeles from London, where “Top Gear” shoots. “Matt’s previously gone on record to say he doesn’t want a ‘Friends’ revival, but Jen and 
Court have spent months encouraging him to reconsider,” says the magazine’s supposed tipster.

The “source” further contends that “if the terms are tempting enough, [LeBlanc’s] saying he’ll do it,” adding, “They are prepared to offer him a huge chunk of change to make the reunion happen.” The questionable insider concludes that Aniston has now recruited Cox to help her “get Matt, David [Schwimmer] and [Matthew Perry] on board, which they’re confident they’ll be able to pull off.”

The tabloid’s bogus article is poorly timed. Just last week, “Friends” co-creator David Crane said a reunion is “never happening.” The TV producer made the statement during at an Emmy panel, during which he added, “Never. We did it! It’s done. That’s why you don’t want to see more of it, because it’s all a happy ending.” If Aniston were truly running around behind the scenes pitching a reunion, it’s unlikely the show’s co-creator would definitively state it’s never happening.

Regardless, Gossip Cop checked in with Aniston’s rep, who exclusively assures us that NW’s article is “false.” The magazine is basing its premise on information from an anonymous and untraceable “insider,” but the actress’s own spokesperson confirms there’s no truth to it.

Earlier this year, Vanity Fair even published and article titled, “15 Times the Cast and Creators of Friends Swore a Revival Will Never, Ever Happen.” The piece featured a rundown of all those involved with the show, including Aniston, saying in one way or another that they don’t think a “Friends” reunion is a good idea. The magazine further notes that the cast has been dispelling reunion rumors “every few months for the past several years.” Gossip Cop can help do so yet again.


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Stephen Huvane, Spokesperson for Jennifer Aniston.

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